What’s In MAC's In The Spotlight Collection? It's Got Everything You Need To Glow — PHOTOS

Don't be ashamed to admit that you're completely shook by MAC's In the Spotlight collectionit really is that good. MAC back at it again with this amazing group of products, reimagining old favorites and adding more highlighting goodies, creating an overall all-star glow team. If you're a MAC fan, you're probably dying to know what's in this collection. Never fear: The details are all below.

In the Spotlight is not your average glow-up kit. The products, which include options of 5 creams, 4 powders, and 3 brushes, are created to help your skin achieve maximum radiance in any light available. A collection like this is the perfect set of tools to create one of beauty's biggest ongoing trends: Transforming yourself into a radiant glow goddess with a few swipes and dabs in just the right places.

Let's talk about the creams first: MAC's original strobe cream — now referred to as Pinklite — has got botanical extracts and antioxidants which help to instantly boost your skin while covering it in iridescent pearl particles. In The Spotlight Also has other shades, including Peachlite, Redlite, Goldlite, and Silverlite. Why keep your highlight the same old beige hue when you can illuminate with basically the entire color spectrum?

MAC Strobe Creams, $33, Available Nov. 3

As if that weren't enough, In The Spotlight also includes new Extra Dimension SkinFinish highlighting powders. The powders glide onto the skin like silk and come in awesome tones like Show Gold Peach, Double-Gleam Beige, Beaming Blush Pink and Soft Frost White.

MAC Extra Dimension SkinFinish Powders, $33, Available Nov. 3

Finally, there's the brushes: The collection includes three split fibre brushes for smooth, easy application.

MAC Split Fibre Brushes, $35, Available Nov. 3

MAC is set to release the In The Spotlight on Nov. 3, which thankfully doesn't leave a lot of time to wait for its arrival. It's time to let the bridge of your nose and cupid's bow into the spotlight, and quick.

Images: Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics