Christina Reacts To Kylie's 'Dirrrty' Costume

by Michelle McGahan

By now, it's well known that Kylie Jenner's Christina Aguilera "Dirrty" costume won Halloween. In a sea of endless variations of Britney Spears(es), Jenner's Halloween costume was unique, sexy, and entirely on-point — and it got the seal of approval from Xtina herself. In fact, Aguilera even re-uploaded Jenner's photo to her own Insta account and proceeded to fawn over Jenner's incredible creation in the caption. (As well she should.)

"YAASSSSS. Killin it @kyliejenner," the OG "Dirrty" singer wrote. "yes to dirrty 2016!! Get it girrrl!!!"

To brush up on your early '00s pop culture knowledge (it's been a second since I've watched the iconic music vid myself), Jenner is recreating Aguilera's famous "Dirrty" music vid ensemble: Black lowlights peppered into stringy platinum locks, red and black chaps, dewy skin, nose stud and labret piercing and all. Jenner went full-on Xtina, and it's high praise indeed that the original approves.

Of course, it's not surprising that Aguilera loves it as much as she does. Besides the fact that Jenner is paying tribute to those pop cultural icons who came before her (and rightfully so), the costume is literally amazing — and Jenner pulls it off hardcore. This isn't some thrown-together, last-minute ensemble: It's clear that every detail was carefully crafted and planned far in advance. Look closely and you'll even see that she's rocking blue contacts, which somehow perfectly capture Xtina's round, azure eyes.

It's fitting that Jenner is channeling the singer on Halloween this year. 2016 has seemingly been the year of Kylie Jenner, undoubtedly one of the biggest — if not the biggest — It Girls of her generation. Not that Aguilera is hanging up the towel just yet (The Voice certainly propelled her to new pop cultural heights), but it's heartening to see Jenner paying tribute to the icons who came before her. And in 2003, "Dirrty"-era Xtina was certainly having a moment.

Now to see if Aguilera returns the favor and dresses up as Kylie Jenner for Halloween...