How Much Would Captain America Actually Cost America? — VIDEO

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is a mere week and a half away from bombarding our box offices with its superheroism. And all that red white and blue making big ethical choices for the safety of the Republic and the world begs the question: If America created a real Captain America, how much would it cost? The answer? Well, in short: It costs a few bucks to be a nazi-whooping super-soldier. Like with whenever people try to do the math on how much a Hogwarts education cost, there are obviously some gaps in the presentation.

For example, when people kept going on about how expensive Hogwarts tuition would be, they seemed to neglect that while you gotta pay for cloaks and supplies, many of the articles about Hogwarts' cost seem to completely ignore that it's heavily implied throughout the books that Hogwarts is tuition free.

A couple of the Cap findings:

  • $4,000 on Cap's WWII salary
  • $10,000 to pay scientist Abraham Erskine
  • Another $10,000 for Howard Stark
  • And another $10,000 for lab equipment, assistants, use of the facility, etc.
  • And a whopping $54 million for Cap's vibranium shield.

Damn, fictional supermetals cost a lot. The total they came up with was $54,609,201.60. Cause hey, sometimes superheroes are worth the taxpayer burden.

The video, however, says it better — and explains a lot more of the detail — so watch for yourself below:

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Image: Marvel