Demi Lovato's Halloween Hair & Makeup For Her 'Wizard Of Oz' Costume Are Gold — PHOTOS

Dorothy has long been a Halloween mainstay — after all, who can resist the opportunity to wear ruby slippers? A certain singer even chose to don said iconic shoes this year — and her take on the look is next-level. Demi Lovato had awesome Dorothy hair and makeup for Halloween —imagine Dorothy post-Emerald City makeover, with another serious makeover on top of that.

Part of that had to do with her sexy take on that signature gingham outfit, but most of the credit goes to her admirable interpretation of Dorothy's hair and makeup. For her part, Demi went with the iconic pigtailed look from the second half of the movie, but amped things up with some great volume at the crown, as well as absolutely flawless ringlets (tied back with pale blue ribbons, of course).

As for the makeup, she turned the volume up to 11: She rocked flawless brows and contouring (but would we expect anything less?), as well as gorgeously blended shades of neutral eyeshadow, major falsies, and expertly-lined glossy red lips. Basically, Demi looked perfect — and it was a kickass feat of hair and makeup that did legend Judy Garland proud. Let's take a look:

Pretty unimpeachably awesome, right? Suffice it to say, Demi's beauty look melded very well with her blue gingham bustier/ruby platform stilettos, all coming together to create quite the epic Halloween costume.

Oh, and you know what makes things even better? It was part of a group costume, and Nick Jonas coordinated with a Scarecrow look.

These two former Disney stars/current chart-toppers might just have won Halloween, no?