Twitter Uses The "My Ouija Board Said" Hashtag To Celebrate Halloween

To celebrate Samhain — the time when the veil between the living and the dead is lifted — Twitter users are taking to their spirit boards. Using the trending hashtag #MyOuijaBoardSaid, folks are divining what messages the other world has to offer.

As anyone who has seen a horror movie knows, when you mess with a Ouija board, you're in for trouble. From Paranormal Activity to Witchboard to Ouija, characters trying to reach the other side invite a lot more than they bargained for into their lives. Although the boards look relatively harmless, popular lore suggests that in the hands of the unstudied, they can become a portal to death — and worse.

Contrary to this doom and gloom, however, the Ouija board and triangular planchette that we commonly see today was first released as a light hearted toy in 1891. The concept has its roots in spirit boards of the past, which mediums sometimes used to communicate with the dead. But just because the Ouija board was not designed with occult doings in mind doesn't mean folks haven't harnessed it for their own devious devices...

Here's what #MyOuijaBoardSaid to Twitter (and Happy Halloween!):

1. Sexy Quips

2. Life Advice

3. Political Commentary

4. Spooky Jokes

Images: Kristen Sollee; Twitter