Khloe Kardashian's 'X-Men' Halloween Makeup Was Pretty Impressive — PHOTOS

Celeb Halloween get ups are always pretty fantastical, but Khloe Kardashian's Halloween makeup stole the show this year. Dressed full-throttle Storm from X-Men, Kardashian channeled the iconic comic book heroine in one of the most beautifully ferocious looks to grace this weekend's Instagram.

With a level of thought and detail work that could rival the most intricate pun costume, Kardashian's Storm costume was in a whole other league. Featuring a fully silvered hair and forehead, feathered eyebrows, work-of-art smokey eyes, an insane silver browbone highlight, silver contacts, and a gorgeous nude lip (what would be a Kardashian without one), the cheekbone highlight is my low key favorite part. A silver that stays on theme, the dusting that strikes the balance between noticeable and ethereal — the "something's happening here, but what?" eternal highlighter goal.

Put together by hairstylist Justine Marjan and celebrity makeup artist Hrush Achemyan, the Halloween makeup look was also impressive for lasting power. As captured by Kardashian's Snapchat later in the night, the makeup held on through a grinding session with Kardashian's self-proclaimed "boo," basketball player Tristan Thompson. Dressed as fellow superhero Black Panther, Thompson also went all out with a heavy-duty costume mask — and against all the odds, none of Kardashian's silver makeup looked smeared on said mask.

What products could pull off such a superhero feat? There's no word yet on what makeup Achemyan used, but industrial-strength products like Kyrolan and Temptu makeup could do the trick.

Great for recreating Kardashian's superhuman look... or likewise impressive ones.

Achemyan's Instagram is a trove of insane Halloween looks, for maximum seduction plus serious business costumery. Tonight's the last night to make it happen, if you're feeling ambitious. And if you're not, make like a mortal and call a service to take care of it.

Images: khloekardashian/Instagram