How To Celebrate Scorpio's New Moon, Because It's A Time For Transformation

Astrology news can be difficult to keep up — it seems like every day there's a new moon here and there and everywhere. So, if you heard the news about there being a new moon in Scorpio and weren't sure what it could mean, don't worry: I get it, and I got you. Turns out, there are tons of ways to celebrate Scorpio's new moon. Are you lil' witches ready to get intense and dance under the moon or whatever?

Generally, each of our 12 months has a new moon and a full moon. Occasionally, a month may have two new moons (the second of which is called a "black moon"), or two full moons (the second of which is called a "blue moon"). These both tend to happen once every year and a half.

Astrologists believe that new moons give you clarity in terms of what your goals are, what you're searching for, and how you can experience fulfillment. They're renewing; they're an open door. Full moons empower you to follow through, to forge ahead until your intentions come to fruition. Both points in the lunar cycle are believed to be especially powerful moments for us.

Each new moon and full moon is also associated with one of the 12 astrological signs. October's new moon is in Scorpio, the sign of extremes. Which is fitting, honestly, since beginning Oct. 31, things get intense: Halloween, the World Series, and Election Day are a cluster of insanity. Like if I could just hide under a rock until Nov. 9, that would be ideal.


The power of a new moon is supposed to color our next 10 to 12 days, and since Monday is the morning after the Scorpio new moon, it's the prime time to channel some lunar power and make some ch-ch-changes.

1. Set Your Intentions


While basking the power of a new moon, it's best to set your intentions for the upcoming month. Establishing your own process for doing so — writing them down in a journal, writing them on scraps of paper and burning them, meditating — is the best way to go about this.

2. Forgive


Forgive others and, perhaps more importantly, forgive yourself. Get into the corners you tend to avoid; Scorpio is a sign that communes with the darkness, after all.

3. Be Open To Change


Scorpio is a sign of transformation. Whether it's a new apartment, a new job, or just a new journal, a change of plans for Thanksgiving or a shift in your friendships, keep an open mind and allow yourself to evolve.

4. Seek Out Honesty


Practice honesty with others and with yourself. It's difficult to move forward, to change, and to achieve your intentions if you're constantly being tied down by elements within yourself that you refuse to acknowledge are a problem.

5. Establish A Ritual


Establishing a ritual while channelling the power of a new moon one, feels extra witchy and two, integrates that ritual into your every day life. Rituals, even tiny ones, give our days structure, and give our minds the freedom to think ahead.

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