Chrissy Teigen's Baby Has So Many Cute Costumes

by Daniela Cabrera

Alright, so it's pretty much scientific fact that Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's daughter Luna is the cutest baby in the world. Her chubby cheeks are the best thing ever, and most importantly, she is extremely loved by her parents, who take every opportunity to show off how proud they are of their little munchkin. In preparation for Halloween, Teigen has been sharing Luna's many Halloween costumes. But it turns out that they weren't all for Luna. Teigen is giving away the costumes do they can find new homes with other families, and it's a pretty sweet gesture.

As a celebrity and public figure with many followers on social media, Teigen probably receives many free products and clothes to post for her fans as a means of advertising for the vendor. While she was certainly enjoying dressing Luna up in all of these adorable costumes, she wrote in her final costume post that she would be donating many of the costumes to families whose babies could enjoy the same cuteness Luna did.

In her caption she wrote, "Some were sent to us from very kind vendors but we are going to donate them all tonight so other families can get the same joy out of them." Aww!

While Teigen didn't note exactly where she's donating the costumes or which one(s) she's keeping, it is a wonderful gesture, considering Luna has more costumes than she could ever be able to wear for one holiday. For all of you who missed baby Luna's full costume parade, here is a quick round up that will make you nearly die of cuteness.

1. Hot Dog

Her face is spelling out "COME ON MOM."

2. Peacock

Also, not impressed, but handling the headpiece quite professionally.

3. Minnie Mouse

She seems most at ease in mouse ears.

4. Banana

World's cutest banana? I think so.

5. Little Red Riding Hood

That tiny little cape is perfection.

6. Alice In Wonderland


7. Pink Lady

Nope, still not impressed.

8. Hula Dancer

There's a slight smile here, maybe she found the winner.

Teigen is a wonderful momma who loves her baby and wants to spread that love and cuteness to others. That's the Halloween spirit!