Floating Head Halloween Makeup Is Trending & Here's How You Can Recreate It Last Minute — VIDEOS

Almost everyone has wanted to pull off a great headless Halloween costume for one year — at least, anyone who has seen Sleepy Hollow — and 2016 might just be your year for that. The Halloween headless makeup has peaked in popularity this weekend. Want proof? See the floating head Halloween makeup of Ailish Octigan, a Twitter user who has seen her headless makeup look go viral on the social media platform.

With over 30,000 retweets and over 50,000 likes currently, the look is getting hundreds of compliments for Octigan on Twitter and has even led to over 200 likes on her Instagram page. Done primarily with paints, it's no wonder people are falling over themselves to share this Halloween makeup look — it just looks so damn cool.

Octigon tried to explain her method on Twitter, but there are also plenty of YouTubers who have created similar, floating head tutorials on their channels, making it pretty simple for last minute Halloween peeps to follow along if they've got some makeup lying around. The effect seems to primarily come from liberal black face paint on your neck, alongside a detailed image of what appears to be a decapitation. Watch out Marie Antoinette: The headless look isn't just for you anymore.

Speaking to Bustle via email, Octigan said this makeup look was totally a last minute decision. She commented, "I needed a look that I didn't need to buy clothes/accessories for, wouldn't take too much time and that wouldn't involve painting my face - it's super sensitive and I didn't want to deal with break out apocalypse afterwards. and a couple of years ago I saw some amazing 3D illusion body paint effects by a Tokyo-based artist called Hikaru Cho so I decided to do my own take on her wonderful floating lemon head with a less original and more horror themed spin."

"I don't have any fx makeup so I bought some kids' facepaints from the local hobby shop that had all the primary colours which is all you need really" She added, "I'm not a makeup artist and just used what was on hand so I'm not sure my recommendation is worth much, but paint seemed to do the job ok!"

So if you want to try this look for yourself as a last minute, Halloween look for anyone who's handy with a paintbrush or makeup brush, look no further. Here's a few tutorials that play the same game, but deviate from Octigan's original look just a little.

Cosmobyhaley on YouTube

This look is a little more gory than others, but perfect for anyone who prefers to be gruesome on Halloween. After all, this is the holiday dedicated to scaring people.

GraceAmour on YouTube

Or keep it a little more simple by just having that head floating in mid air, with no explanation — just as creepy, but saves messing around with complicated details.

If you're stuck on a costume for the night of Oct. 31 or you just love playing around with makeup, this might just be the inspiration you were looking for.

Image: Grace Amour/YouTube