How To Get Hair Piercings At Home Without A Full-On Glamsquad — PHOTOS

From ultra-dainty constellation piercings to Kendall Jenner-inspired nipple piercings, it seems like every day the Internet comes up with a new way to incorporate body jewelry into our looks. But for those of us who are afraid to go under the needle/to commit to an accessory that lasts longer than a few hours, there's a new, temporary way to artfully decorate yourself: with hair piercings.

"Hair piercing," which isn't technically a "piercing" at all because it doesn't involve any needles (#praise), is a way to add jewelry to your braid, ponytail, or updo for an extra wow factor in an otherwise basic look. The look first caught our attention when Shay Mitchell rocked a braid full o' rings to the 2016 Teen Choice Awards back in July, and then when Arinna Grande added the same pierced look to her signature high-pony in honor of her birthday.

Both women owe their versions of the look to celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton, who sadly is assumedly unavailable to help the rest of us bling out our braids in the privacy of our own homes. Lucky for us regular people, though, there is a way to get pierced hair without the help of a glam squad — all it takes is steady hands and the right gold jewelry.

Stephie Tchamanian, designer and stylist of jewelry company Lili Claspe, used pieces from the brand's "Gravity" line to give models the pierced hair look — and it only took 10 minutes. Here's how:

1. Put Hair In A Messy Bun

"We put Noor's hair in a messy bun by teasing her pony tail and pinning her hair up in random places. We pulled out some strands to add to the messy effect," says Tchamanian.

2. Add Jewelry

Iris Orb Pendant, $70,

"We used our IRIS ORB Pendant Charms in Gold as hair barrettes by pinning bobby pins through the bail on the pendant/charm," says Tchamanian. The "bail" is the small loop that the chain goes through, and sticking bobby pins through it and then into the bun/braid/messy ponytail help attach the pieces to the hair. "I wanted to create a galactic look so I kept adding charms until I was content with the line it created," she says. You can use any kind of ring to get the look at home on your own.

3. Accessorize

Blue Orbit Ring in Gold, $150,

Because obviously, just having jewelry in your hair isn't enough. "I added rings on all of her fingers to add to the line of orbs," says Tchamanian. Spritz a flexible hold hairspray all over your head (from a safe distance!) to ensure the look lasts and looks perfect all day.

Images: Courtesy of Lili Claspe