9 Jewelry Brands That Will Give You #GoodVibes

Picking out a piece of jewelry is an incredibly personal decision. More than our clothes, shoes and bags, the jewelry we wear tends to mean something to us, especially the pieces that we put on every day. Usually, these meaningful, inspirational pieces of jewelry are given to us as gifts — like the pearls my parents got me when I finished grad school or the bracelet my ex-boyfriend gave me before he went to college — which is why we've deemed them so special. But there are certain pieces meant to be gifts to ourselves that still hold the same level of importance.

Certain jewelry, because of where it comes from, what it says, or what it symbolizes, can be inspirational all on its own, without having to have some sort of history related to who gave it to us and why. Wearing one of these pieces is a great way to remind yourself of what you believe in, and to hold an important message close to your heart (or knuckle, or wrist, depending on whether it's a necklace/bracelet/ring...).

Here are nine pieces of inspirational jewelry that make the perfect gift, for yourself because not only are they all delicate and tasteful, but they also all happen to actually mean something. Decide which one best fits your needs and then go ahead and #treatyoself. After all, it's probably time to replace that tarnished Tiffany's bracelet your high school boyfriend gave you at the Olive Garden, anyway.

1. For Willpower

MAKE IT HAPPEN Tiger's Eye, $75, Shop lvl collective

Who says your crystal obsession should be limited to home decor? We all know (thanks in large part to Spencer Pratt's Twitter) that crystals have healing properties, so why not carry them with you throughout the day? LVL Collective's jewelry includes all different kinds of crystals that you can wear to find balance and strength in your every day life. This Tiger's Eye necklace is meant to provide balance, creativity and willpower — perfect for when you're fighting for a big promotion or trying to make major life decisions.

2. For Confidence

Maya Angelou x Dogeared "You Alone" 14k Gold Plated Necklace, $98, Dogeared

There are few people on the planet more inspiring than Maya Angelou, queen of pump-up poetry. Now, you can wear some of her most heartfelt words around your neck, including this piece that says "You Alone Are Enough." Not only does the simple circular pendant go with everything, but it serves as an important everyday reminder that you are freaking awesome and shouldn't ever forget it.

3. For Courage

The Brave Collection Tassel Cuff, $95, The Brave Collection

Each piece from The Brave Collection (whose prices start at $35) is stamped with the word "brave" in English and Cambodian, so you can wear your courage around your wrist. As if that wasn't cool enough, the pieces are all made by local artisans in Cambodia, and 10 percent of proceeds from all sales help fight human trafficking in the nation.

4. For Clarity

Sword Ring Wrap, $28, Alex And Ani

According to Alex and Ani's website, the symbol of the sword is meant to "cut through ambiguity," and is meant for clarity, justice and freedom. Wear this precious wrap ring when you're deciding whether or not to kick your S.O. to the curb... just remember it doesn't actually double as a weapon.

5. For Balance

Mind.Body.Spirit Necklace, $136, The Neshama Project

Considering all the crazy sh!t we have going on on a day to day basis, we could all use a little balance in our lives, no? The three opal stones symbolize inspiration, imagination and creativity, though there is also an amethyst version for balance, patience and peace. And the best part? Ten percent of the proceeds go to a charity that you can choose from a list of those supported by The Neshama Project.

6. For Inner Peace

Word! Breathe, $75, Asha Patel

No, you don't need to pull a Lindsay Lohan and get the word "breathe" tattooed on your wrist for a daily reminder — you can buy this necklace instead. It's a much less permanent option, but still serves the same inspirational purpose.

7. For Protection

Carded Gold Rose & Cherry Quartz Ganesha Lotus Necklace - Clear the Path, $139, Sataya

This necklace is a four-in-one as far as good vibes go: Ganesha, the elephant, represents success and removal of obstacles; The lotus symbolizes new beginnings and infinite potential; Rose quartz is for love, compassion, self-esteem; And cherry quartz is for hope, clarity and healing. If you aren't feeling any of these, Sataya's website lets you shop by intention so you can find whatever inspiration you need.

8. For Unity

Rose Gold Mandala, $15, Pura Vida Bracelets

The Mandala symbolizes unity, balance and completeness — pretty great things to introduce into your every day life. And the best part? Buying it helps support over 100 local Costa Rican artisans.

9. For Whatever Inspiration You Need

Classic Necklace, $42, The Giving Keys

We all feel inspired by something different, and The Giving Keys' necklaces allow us to show off that inspiration to the world. Inspired by vintage hotel keys, the company's website allows you to engrave whatever word you want onto one of their pieces (don't worry — there's a list of suggestions if you're stumped). The brand is also dedicated to helping the homeless, and provides jobs for those previously unemployed.

Images: LVLCollective; Courtesy of Brands