9 Bookish Candles You Need For A Cozy Winter Evening

Julia Seales

The days are shorter; the nights are longer; and it's time to break out your winter literary candles. After all, you need a little extra light, and nothing makes a space fragrant and cozy like a softly burning flame. Candles are a little luxury that can truly brighten your day, and one of the best parts about them is how customizable they are.

Whether you love scents that remind you of home, or candles that actually melt to reveal your Hogwarts house, there is a candle for you. There’s a candle for everyone.

Though I’m grateful I don’t have to read by candlelight (my eyes would probably not enjoy that strain), it’s nice to have a candle near me as I read, and if that candle has a literary scent — well, that’s even better. And since authors know that winter is the best time to stay in and read an amazing book, they’ve provided plenty of ideas for scents that pair perfectly with candles. Check out some amazing literary-inspired candles, ideal for an icy afternoon spent inside with a book. Let the scent wash over you and transport you into a story.

1. Amortentia Candle

You will fall in love with this Harry Potter-inspired candle, because it's actually customizable — you can choose your favorite three scents from a long list, and then pair the creation with your favorite Potter book for a lovely winter evening.

Amortentia Candle, $7.50, theleakycandle on Etsy

2. Pemberley Park Candle

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Pemberley Park would be a perfect place to spend a snowy evening. And if you can't actually go there, rereading Pride and Prejudice is a fair second choice. Pair your favorite Austen novel with this lovely candle, which smells like roses and white tea.

Pemberley Park Candle, $18, HearthandHammer on Etsy

3. Jane Eyre Soy Candle

This candle smells like a winter woodland, but has hints of English garden flowers and moorland grass, so you can enjoy the winter but still smell the slightest bit of spring.

Jane Eyre Soy Candle, $14.15, OldGlowCandles on Etsy

4. Narnia Forest Candle

It's always winter in Narnia, so this C.S. Lewis-inspired candle is a great candle for cold nights. This woodsy, outdoorsy scented candle will transport you through the wardrobe and into the snowy Narnia forest.

Narnia Forest Candle, $11.50, FromthePage on Etsy

5. Antique Books Candle

This comforting candle smells like antique books, AKA paper, vanilla, and leather. The delicate aroma is perfect for cold winter nights, as it will wrap you in a warm blanket of books.

Antique Books Candle, $18, WertherAndGray on Etsy

6. Cratchit's Christmas Pud Candle

This festive candle is perfect for spreading holiday cheer in the winter months. You won't be able to say "bah humbug" when you smell the notes of dried fruit, brandy, cinnamon, ginger, clove, and vanilla — this candle is simply too sweet to resist.

Cratchit Candle, $11.58, PretAGeek on Etsy

7. Hobbit's Pipe Candle

This candle will start you off in the Shire, with the scent of a hobbit's pipe, but it's up to you to go from there on an amazing adventure.

Hobbit's Pipe Candle, $14.50, SevenHeartsCo on Etsy

8. Always Victorious Candle

This candle smells of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, firewood, and a touch of fresh rain — just like Sabaa Tahir's description of Elias Veturius, hero of An Ember in the Ashes. This candle will be your torch against the chilly winter night.

Always Victorious Candle, $14.50, TheMeltingLibrary on Etsy

9. Sherlock's Study Candle

With notes of pipe tobacco, cherrywood, and fresh rain, this candle will transport you to 221b Baker Street. A winter evening becomes a night full of mystery and deduction when you're burning this lovely soy candle.

Sherlock's Study Candle, $18, Frostbeard on Etsy

Image: Courtesy of Julia Seales (1)