Donald Trump's Election Night Party To Be In NYC

More than a year of campaigning and it's finally over. Yes, over. You can sit back and relax on election night and watch the results roll in. Sure, they might not be what you want, but at least the months of debates and attack ads will be over. Now the couch is an understandable place to enjoy this moment, but what if you were running? Where is Donald Trump spending Election Day, and, most importantly, election night? Update: On Election Day, Trump tweeted that he would be watching the election results with his friends and family in Trump Tower in New York City.

Unlike Hillary Clinton's campaign, the Trump campaign has not released any official details on their election night party, but it does seem that it will be in New York. There are two reasons to believe this (and it's not a shocker since he's based there). One is from a campaign surrogate, Omarosa Manigault, who said she would be spending election night with Trump in New York City.

In an interview on Oct. 26, Manigault, Trump's African-American outreach director, told ITK at the D.C. Trump Hotel's ribbon-cutting ceremony that she would be "with Mr. Trump. I’ll be in New York.” That's the first word from any of his surrogates about plans for that fateful night. The campaign has been quiet regarding the night, except for one current raffle on his website.


On, supporters are invited to "Win Tickets to our Election Night Party!" There you can submit your email and zip code and you will be entered to win the chance to join Trump in New York "as we celebrate defeating Hillary Clinton on Election Night!" So while the venue remains a mystery, the city has been selected.

Deputy Washington Bureau Chief for The Boston Globe, Matt Viser, has also reported on Twitter that both Clinton and Trump's election night parties will be in New York. "One party will be festive, the other filled with disappointment," Viser tweeted. And he's right; the difference could be extremely stark once the results come in.

That's because the Clinton camp has ordered fireworks that will be lit from the Hudson River as early as 9:30 p.m. ET — or whenever the winner has been called. The New York Post reported that the Clinton campaign had arranged with law enforcement and the FDNY to set off fireworks from a barge outside the Javits Center, the glass-ceilinged conference center where Clinton is having her celebration.

Ironically, Trump is connected to the site. Back in the day, Trump owned an option on part of the site and wanted to develop it into a convention center. He even offered to waive his fee of $833,000 if the city named it after his dad. In the end, they went with another developer, and Trump has trashed the project ever since. So come election night, don't be surprised if Trump is written on whatever building he celebrates in.