Here's Where You Wanna Live When Zombies Attack

by Marisa Riley

Thanks to the folks over at Estately, we now have one more factor to consider when planning for the (impeding) zombie apocalypse: location. As reported by Business Insider, the real estate index recently posted a list of the U.S. states most likely to survive a zombie apocalypse, based on 11 metrics.

Sure, you might be laughing now, but I suggest taking a look at Estately's research — it's actually a logical chunk of info. With metrics measuring the number of people in each state who are physically and mentally prepared for an apocalypse of the zombie variety, this list may come in handy during your next post-Walking Dead discussion — or, you know, when armless undead people start chasing you through the street.

Below is the Estately's list of states ranked in order from most to least likely to survive the impeding zombie apocalypse. If you live in New York, DC, Missisippi, or New Jersey, may I suggest moving to Alaska?

Here are the 11 metrics used to determine the list. Estately researched the percentage of each to provide the most accurate ranking of states:

1. Active Military Personnel per capita

2. Military Veterans per capita

3. Physically Active

4. Martial Arts Enthusiasts

5. People with Survival Skills

6. People with Knowledge of Zombies

7. Laser tag Enthusiasts

8. People with Guns

9. Obesity

10. Paintball Enthusiasts

11. Triathletes

Estately also provides a bit of insight and some predictions based on their findings. An example? New Yorkers will probably head to New Hampshire (and drive up real estate prices) as soon as the undead begin their brain binging. Also, did you know that Arizona has a Department of Zombie Defense as well as the Arizona Zombie Defense Force?

For more details, go to Estately.

Image: Estately