Beth Ditto's Second Plus Size Collection Is Here & The Pieces Are Totally Glam — PHOTOS

The reaction to Beth Ditto's first eponymous collection was incredible, and for the second time Beth Ditto has delivered, as Vogue announced the Beth Ditto winter collection alongside an interview with the former Gossip singer. Once again, Beth Ditto's plus size clothing line is as bright and beautiful as ever, staunchly taking a stance against the traditional, "flattering" clothing usually found on the plus size market.

The 11 piece collection is available in sizes 14 to 28 and aims to fill a niche that other plus size retailers don't, by using cuts that are often deemed unflattering. From high necks to bat wings, the line doesn't attempt to make plus size figures look any less plus, but instead drape them in designs that we can imagine Ditto wearing herself — and she also models the garments in the lookbook for her winter line.)The prints revel in femininity, from lash motifs to nail polish drips, this collection is made to stand out.

"This collection was inspired by all the shapes that were missing in my closet," Ditto stated in a press release. "And wanting to make high-quality sweatshop-free clothing options for fat girls. It was amazing to get to work with my close friend Frederic Baldo on this collection, he really brought more sophistication and detail — if you leave it to me I'll just sew a box dress and be done with it!"

Pop Pencils Dress, $265,

Crystal Ball Dress, $245,

In her interview with Vogue, Ditto reinforced that this second installment of her collection is all about visibility for fat women. "We’re re-creating the idea of what flattering is. As a fat woman, and especially as an LGBT woman, you’re not supposed to be proud or be seen, and if you take those factors and put them into fat fashion, it becomes all about visibility. I’m lucky to be successful enough to fund this line myself and to do something that hasn’t necessarily been seen on this kind of mainstream level, so it’s important that it makes a statement and celebrates the wider movement," she said.

Deep Cuts Top, $265, / Klaus Denim Pants, $225,

Eyelash Sweater, $245, / Klaus Skirt, $165,

With the popularity of Ditto as a plus size icon, as well as the unique quality of her designs and clothing, this collection is sure to sell through quickly. Get investing in some statement pieces for your winter wardrobe straight from the desk of Beth Ditto herself.

Images: Hanna Moon