Here's The Location 'Fantastic Beasts 2' Is Set In

by Mary Grace Garis

The debut of the first Fantastic Beasts And Where to Find Them film is still forthcoming, yet we’re already preparing for the four upcoming sequels. And, if you need to know where else to find fantastic beasts besides the streets of Jazz Age New York, the location for the Fantastic Beasts sequel has finally been revealed. In a recent interview with Empire Magazine, Director David Yates announced that Newt Scamander will be headed to Paris, France, after he cleans up Manhattan.

In case you’re arriving late to the game, each one of the Fantastic Beasts movies will take Newt to a different city in the world, a far departure from the original Harry Potter films that were firmly situated in Britain. However, we don’t really know much else to expect from the movies, and this sole tidbit definitely kicks your little Potterhead into high gear. Once the wizarding world really starts expanding to include, well, the rest of the world, it has you wondering how different wizarding cultures function... and how Newt fits into this.

So, while we still have to wait until November 18 for the first movie and November 2018 for Fantastic Beasts 2, these questions about the sequel are going to keep us up at night.

1. Will Newt Still Be Capturing The Beasts That Slipped Out Of His Briefcase?

Or will he embark on a new adventure? I just don't know which creatures have cross-continental capabilities, but I'm sure plenty of them have the wingspan to try.

2. How Many Years Between The First And Second Movie Will Transpire?

Will it pick up where the last left off, will these be spaced out by a year, or will we see Newt get all old and beard-y?

3. How Much Of The Film Will Actually Be Shot In Paris?

I'm just asking because I live in New York, and I feel as though I was deprived of witnessing any witchcraft or wizardry.

4. Will Newt's New Friends Become His Traveling Companions?

The part of me that's really missing the Harry Potter trio needs to know this.

5. Or Will He Be Joined By New Faces In Each And Every Movie?

I mean, undoubtedly there are two different cultures, so they'll plenty of new faces. I just need to know if Newt gets a new roster of besties in each location so I don't get attached to anyone in the first movie.

6. Will Old Characters Be Resurfacing Now That We're In Closer Proximity To The U.K.?

I mean, you can pretty much Floo Powder anywhere, I guess (maybe?), I just think that it would make more sense for a young Dumbledore to apparate somewhere in Europe.

7. How Much Do You Bet We're Going To See Some Hungarian Horntail or Norwegian Ridgeback With Its Claws Wrapped Around The Eiffel Tower In The Promo Material?

OK, that question is rhetorical, I just 400 percent see this being a thing.

8. What Awful French Terminology Do Wizards Have For Muggles?

I don't have the emotional energy to think about that right now.

9. Is There A Parisian Wizarding School Other Than Than Beauxbatons?

This one's more of a general curiosity, 'cause, as a quick reminder, Beauxbatons is technically in the South of France, very close to the border of Spain. Maybe there's another slightly more urban magic academy out there.

10. Is This Going To Be Heavily, Heavily Subtitled?

My assumption is generally "no" on that front. I just don't know how everyone can magically speak English once we get out of America and Britain (um, unless it's... magic).

11. And Finally Do French Fantastic Beasts Come With Little Berets And Baguettes?

Because I'm not buying a ticket if that isn't the case.

I have a lot of questions you guys, and I can't wait to find out the answers.

Images: Warner Bros. Pictures; Giphy (11)