Is Janelle Monae on Tour? Because This 'American Idol' Performer Is Awesome

There's just something about an incredible performance that makes you want to whip out your credit card, brave those seemingly bogus Ticketmaster fees, and drop big money on a tiny piece of paper that grants you entry to a giant room packed with like-minded people. And a certain performance on American Idol this evening is sure be no exception: All we can think about right now is finding out when Janelle Monae goes on tour, because damn, that woman is fun to watch on stage.

Monáe will pay a visit to the veteran talent show in support of the new kids movie, Rio 2. Her song "What is Love?" is the promotional track for the colorful Jesse Eisenberg flick and lends that signature Monae style to the soundtrack. Of course, you don't have to be a fan of cartoon birds bastardizing lines from old movies and cracking jokes about to enjoy this song and if you're lucky enough to have Ms. Monáe swinging through your neck of the woods in the next few months, you may even get to enjoy it sans silly cartoon flourishes.

Get your planner out now — and if you're really dedicated, start saving for airfare — because these are the places lucky enough to see Monáe drop by between now and August.

janellemonae on YouTube

April 26 in Rome, GA

May 7 in Manchester, UK

May 8 in Birmingham, UK

May 9 in London, UK

May 31 in Philadelphia, PA

June 4 in Brooklyn, NY (Celebrate Brooklyn)

June 6 in New York, NY (Governor's Ball)

June 13 in Manchester, TN (Bonnaroo)

June 20 in Rochester, NY

June 22 in Hollywood, CA

August 8 in Helsinki, Finland

August 12 in Fredericksburg, Denmark

It looks like you might need that plane ticket after all, Monáe superfans.