Why Is The Peach Emoji Different? Apple Is Changing Things Up

Good news for those of you who use the food emojis as actual food, and bad news for those of you who, well, don't: As beta users of Apple's new iOS 10.2 have discovered, an update in the software has made a few emojis look a little different. Now, don't freak out, but... they actually look a lot different. OK, OK, I'll just get right to the point: The peach emoji now looks like an actual peach instead of a butt, which it used to have a striking resemblance to.

On the one hand, OK, I get it. It's actually a peach, perhaps it should look like a peach! But, on the other hand... what are the masses supposed to do when they're texting with their baes and would like to use an emoji to depict a butt? The apple emoji? The tomato emoji? Watermelon?!

Of course, one could technically still use the peach emoji to depict a butt in their conversations, but sadly, the less tech-savvy of baes might now just think the person is really into peaches. Whatever floats someone's respective boat, I guess.

What's next, is the eggplant emoji going to look like an actual eggplant?

Of course, the peach emoji isn't the only one that got a brand spankin' new look. As part of the iOS 10.2 update, there are also going to be a whole host of new emojis, including the shrug, the face palm, the avocado, and the fox, as well as both male and female versions of popular occupations like firefighter, judge, farmer and pilot in all skin tones.