This Is What Drinkable Collagen Actually Is

Remember all of those magic potions we used to read about in fairy tales when we were little? Well Dirty Lemon has officially made them into the real thing. With its new line of drinkable collagen products, the brand has made it possible to drink our way to better skin and hair (yup, you read that right).

Usually when I hear anything about "collagen," I think of bad plastic surgery, but as it turns out it has a lot more uses than just as lip fillers. Collagen is the most prevalent protein in our bodies, according to Medical News Today, and is found in our muscles, bones and skin. Our collagen production slows down as we age, which is how we end up with wrinkles and sagging skin, and why some women choose to use an injectable version of it to treat these issues later in life.

"Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body and makes up about 70% of dry mass skin content," says Sommer Carroll, Co-Founder and COO of Dirty Lemon. Collagen fibers constitute the building blocks for both elastin, which is responsible for skin elasticity, and moisture generating hyaluronic acid, which are general indicators of youthful, healthy skin."

Dirty Lemon Skin + Hair, $65 for a case,

In manufacturing drinkable collagen, Dirty Lemon is providing another way to prevent these issues before they arise. The brand's Skin + Hair formula contains ingredients that were carefully selected to improve skin elasticity, hydration and skin density, increase internal collagen production and offer nutrients for optimal hair health.

So, basically, all you need to do is swig it down and you'll apparently wake up looking like a Disney Princess. But is it really any different than rubbing a collagen product on your skin or in your hair topically?

"No matter how you look at it, drinking your nutrients is a much more effective and direct strategy to nourish the cells you are trying to target when compared to topically rubbing onto the scalp or even the skin," says Dr. Laurie Brodsky, Dirty Lemon’s in-house Naturopathic Doctor. "We can only hope that when we eat and drink, the nutrients eventually make it to the small intestines where most of the nutrient assimilation takes places after our food passes through the stomach's acidic environment."

You can take down the Skin + Hair beverage in one big gulp or throughout the day, and according to Dirty Lemon's Founder and CEO and Zak Normandin, you'll start to see results after drinking one bottle a day for four weeks.

While you're not guaranteed to turn into an IRL Rapunzel, it may be worth a try!

Images: Courtesy of Dirty Lemon; Dirtylemon/Instagram