How To Use The Magnifier In iOS 10, Because We All Want To Feel Like Cool Detectives Sometimes

Although iOS 10 may have had a bumpy launch a little while ago, it's becoming increasingly clear that the operating system features some undeniably cool features. For example, because I'm not the ~cool tech grrl~ I wish I was, up until very recently, I didn't even know how to use the magnifier in iOS 10. And by that I mean I didn't know that it even existed.

Announced in mid-June 2016 and released to the public three months later on September 13, the iOS 10 update for iPhones and iPads proved to be one of the biggest. Despite early hiccups and some remaining grumpiness (which, let's be honest, is unavoidable), this update has continued to surprise us all. In an article published on Oct. 28 by The Daily Dot, Mike Wehner points out the secret "mobile microscope" feature that 100 percent makes me feel like a cool spy girl, and honestly, I wish I'd known about it sooner.

Once you've activated the Magnifier tool (which I've very kindly illustrated below), using it is super simple: Just triple click the "Home" button (the little round guy at the bottom center of your phone), and you'll automatically access the Magnifier. You can also change the color of whatever it is that you're zooming in on for Max Visibility.

You ready? Here's how to work the magic.

1. Head to "Settings" from the Home Screen

It's the cool gear icon. But you already know that (I hope — if not, you are in for a whole new world, my dudes).

2. In the Settings Menu, Tap "General"

Guysm when you see how straightforward this mobile microscope spy cam is to access, you are going to freak out.

3. In the General Menu, Tap "Accessibility"

...which I fully didn't even know was a thing.

4. In the Accessibility Menu, Tap "Magnifier"

I know you're so curious what the rest of these settings do, but stay focused! The end is nigh!

5. Toggle the Switch to the "On" Position

Duh. When it's green, it's on (as seen here); if it's white, just tap it to change it.

6. Be a Cool Scientist/Spy/Gadget Person

This is before....

And this is after! So clear, so focused. You can even adjust how zoomed in you are by configuring the yellow slider, or freeze frame what you're looking at by tapping the button:

Bravo, iOS 10. Bravo.

Images: Andrew Zaeh for Bustle; Lucia Peters/Bustle (7)