Who Is Amanda Loy? The 'Little Women: Dallas' Star Is A Force To Be Reckoned With

There are many reasons to be excited about the series premiere of Little Women: Dallas on Wednesday, Nov. 2. The latest franchise in Lifetime's hit Little Women empire is a little bit country as it heads to the Lone Star State, and you can expect the relationships among this new group of friends to get rocky during the season, too. But perhaps the fact that we get to meet a whole new group of dynamic women with fascinating backgrounds is what we should look forward to the most when Little Women: Dallas premieres. One of those women in the cast is Amanda Loy, and her story is one that's unlike anything you've seen in any of the other Little Women cities before.

You'll find out all about her when Little Women: Dallas hits the air on Wednesday. However, her background is kind of just too intriguing to not dive into right now, especially when we have the technology, i.e. a little thing called Google, to find out more info about her.

And let's just say that once you do learn more about Amanda's background, you'll probably think that no matter what drama goes down this season, the other members of the Little Women: Dallas cast should not mess with her whatsoever. Whether or not the Little Women: Dallas cast actually heeds that warning is another story altogether. But either way, Amanda seems like one badass chick, so it's no wonder these ladies want her as part of their social circle.

She's A Bodybuilder

Gordon Beecher on YouTube

The reason why Amanda's Little Women: Dallas castmates might not want to piss her off is because she's a bodybuilder, which is something she's been hard at work at for five years. She's one of the first little people bodybuilders to make it to the top in contests with average-size competitors, according to her bio on Lifetime's website. You can see Amanda in action in all of her muscular glory for yourself on Instagram and YouTube. Man, is she fierce.

She Doesn't Let Anything Stop Her

Amanda was diagnosed with hypochondroplasia, which is a more proportional type of dwarfism, she explained to Inside Edition , and her Instagram profile says she stands at 4'2". As you can see from her success in bodybuilding, Amanda clearly doesn't let her height hold her back in her passion or in life. In fact, she even told Inside Edition that she thinks her short stature actually helps her in competitions. "On stage, I personally would say it's an advantage," Amanda said about her height. "I'm an eyecatcher. You look down a line of girls who are 5-feet-tall, and they look the same. But then I'm standing there a foot below everybody and kind of stand out."

She's Besties With This Castmate

It looks like Amanda is BFFs with castmate Asta Young in the trailer for this season of Little Women: Dallas . Hopefully, things stay that way by the time the season wraps up, because you never know with these shows.

She's Not Originally From Texas

NPCNewsOnline on YouTube

Amanda may live in the Dallas area these days, but she originally hails from Arizona, she said during an interview with NPC News Online, which you can view in the above clip. The first fitness competition she participated in was in her home state.

She's Got A Sweet Tooth

If you scroll through Amanda's Instagram, you'll definitely see many of the healthy meals she's proud of preparing. However, you'll also notice that she's a fan of sweets too, like pie, cupcakes, and cookies.

She's A Self-Proclaimed Adrenaline Junkie

Amanda describes herself as an adrenaline junkie in the trailer for this season of Little Women: Dallas. You'll spot her jumping into water, shooting an arrow, and even riding a bull in that clip. It also looks like she might get swept up in a physical fight with some of the ladies this season.

Didn't I just say they shouldn't mess with her?

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