Kate Middleton Missed Prince George’s First Crawl. So What? It’s Not Like He Walked

Babies are tricky little things. They're always not doing stuff for very long periods of time and then suddenly doing something before going back to days upon days on idleness and vomit. At least that's what I think they do. I'm not much for being around babies in person. They're like weird little alien people. Anyway, with babies being so boring for much of the time, can we really blame Kate Middleton for missing Prince George's first crawl. I mean, really? It's not like it's his first steps! And this apparently happened while she was on vacation in the Maldives. If my mom told me right now that she would've given up seeing my first crawl if it meant she got a week-long trip to a five star resort in 1989, I would be like, "Hell yeah you would! You'd be crazy not to!"

Kate and William went on a week-long vacation in early March and left Prince George with Middleton's parents in Bucklebury, England. Us Weekly reports that this was when baby George took his first crawl. Meanwhile, his parents were staying at the five star Cheval Blanc Randheli resort. An insider who spoke with the magazine said that while Kate and Will missed this milestone (again, crawling, really?) they are "excited about the many milestones ahead. George already has a tiny tooth coming in. And his cheeks are chubbier than ever!"

WPA Pool/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

While that insider is keeping pretty positive, some people have voiced much harsher opinions. Sunday People writer Carol McGiffin wrote of the situation,

I am a tad disappointed in Wills and Kate for going away without baby George and leaving him at home with a new nanny and Grandma and Grandad Middleton. Of course, he’ll be safe and he may not even notice his parents have gone. But what I don’t understand is why they’d want to leave him for so long so soon. Some experts argue new parents need a break from babies. Why? I don’t have kids but I know that if I did I would not be going on holiday without them, especially when they are barely eight months old.

I love the passive aggressive jab about him not noticing that his parents are gone. Seriously though, it's not like Kate and Will are going on some week-long bender and try to escape from George whenever they get the chance. They just have the opportunity to take a big trip because they're royals and their son has grandparents that live in the magical-sounding Bucklebury where nothing can go wrong!

Entertainmentwise reports that a commenters online were also disappointed. On the website Mumsnet, one person wrote, "I like them but am shocked by this, just makes me think they are the same old royals... Can’t imagine choosing to be so far from my baby for so long."

Of course a week would feel like a long time to be away from your baby, but you miss the baby, call to check in on the baby, and accept that the baby is going to be okay without you for a while. Then you're super happy to see it, excited about all the other, actual milestones to come, and also glad that you have the means to go get your tan on at an island paradise. Sorry to pull the haters are just jealous card, but the haters are just jealous.