Who Is Asta Young? The 'Little Women: Dallas' Star's Creations Will Wow You

It doesn't matter where in the world a season of Lifetime's popular Little Women series takes place, it's a guarantee that there will be drama. But it does look like the newest franchise, Little Women: Dallas, will feature some lighthearted moments, too. Many of those seem to be coming from Asta Young, who is described as the clown of the group in the trailer for this season of Little Women: Dallas .

Sometimes, when two frenemies are going at it, you desperately need a little levity to come into the situation, and for that, I prematurely thank you, Asta, because it sounds like that's going to be your job this season. However, that trailer also shows a tense moment when Asta is accused of betraying her best friend and castmate Amanda Loy. So maybe it won't be all laughs all the time coming from Asta this season of Little Women: Dallas, after all.

I don't mean to bum you out, but as you can see, just like life, the inaugural season of Little Women: Dallas will be both a comedy and a tragedy. Not only does it seem like Asta has an over-the-top personality, but she will also bring theatricality to the show in many other ways. Find out more about Amanda below, and you'll totally see what I mean.

She's Not From Around These Parts

Asta isn't originally from Texas. In fact, she wasn't even born in the United States. Asta hails from Hong Kong, according to the bio on her Instagram profile. She became an American citizen three years ago, according to this Facebook post, and she looked thrilled to officially call the U.S.A. her home.

She's A Newlywed

Asta celebrated her first wedding anniversary with her husband Ty Goossen, who is average size, in June, according to her Instagram profile. It looks like the couple celebrated their nuptials in a dreamy honeymoon in Cabo following the ceremony. Here's hoping their relationship still feels like paradise.

This Couple Has Big Dreams

We'll see Asta work with her husband at a popular Dallas bar this season, according to her bio on Lifetime's website. However, the couple hopes to one day own a hot spot of its own. Well, Little Women: Dallas should certainly help with publicity.

She Already Has A Following

Asta has gotten noticed on social media and at conventions across America thanks to her creative cosplay. Asta has donned some elaborate looks to channel the likes of "Military Tinker Bell," Yoda, and a character from Warcraft . She even got some of her fellow Little Women: Dallas cast members in on the act this Halloween.

She's Super Talented

Asta also shows her passion for her favorite characters and creatures through her art. Head over to her official website, and you'll find intriguing pop art works inspired by entertainment and animals. If you like what you see, you can even buy some of Asta's art.

She Loves Pugs

Asta is a self-proclaimed "Crazy Pug Lady," and that's easy to see with all of the photos she takes with her pets posted on Instagram. She even often incorporates these pooches into her art. I mean, with with adorable pups like these, wouldn't they inspire you, too?

I have a feeling that you'll also feel pretty inspired by Asta and her castmates when Little Women: Dallas premieres.

Image: Zach Dilgard/Lifetime