25 State-Inspired Gifts To Show Your Hometown Pride

I’ve been living on and off in Florida for over a year now, but whenever someone asks me where I’m from, I always answer, without a pause, that I'm a New Yorker. It's not that I don't love Florida, but I guess you could say I still have serious pride for my home state. And the great thing is that there are so many state-inspired gifts that let you show off how excited you are to be a native of where you're from.

There’s a big difference between where you’re from and where you live, which is a great thing for me since I don’t know where I should actually end up yet. Some people don’t care as much and assimilate into their new home quickly, then never really think about where they came from, but then there are other folks who will always hold their hometown and state close to their hearts.

Want to show off that pride every day? You can do it so easily by adding some items into your home that you may use everyday, like a coffee mug or cutting board. Or, rock some cool clothing and accessories that show off your love via your wardrobe. Whatever you choose to do, there are so many ways to stay true to your state and show the world how happy you are to be a part of it.

1. Create Your Own Coaster Set

Create Your Own Bamboo Coasters (Set of Four) , $25, Amazon

This coaster set is customizable and perfect for couples who come from different states. That way, both of you can show off your home state pride.

2. Collect Bottle Caps And Display Them With Pride

All 50 States Beer Cap Maps, $35, Amazon

If you love to drink beer and enjoy remembering which you've tried, a beer cap map shaped like the state of your choice is a great way to showcase them. All you need to do is pop each cap into one of the slots, eventually filling up the whole thing. Bonus points if you can fill your whole map with beers that come from your state!

3. Drink Your Whiskey From A Glass That Features Your Favorite City

Personalized City Map Whiskey Glasses, $50, Amazon

Show guests how much you love your city the next time they come over for drinks with a set of beautiful, customizable engraved rocks glasses.

4. Serve Your Guests On A State Cutting Board

Texas Cutting Board, $63, Amazon

Show off your love for the Lone Star State with an engraved, carved wood cutting board. And if you don't want to mess with Texas (i.e. you're not from there), you can simply choose whichever state you're down to serve apps on.

5. Wear A Dainty And Classic Necklace Everyday

Dogeared State of Mind Delaware Necklace, $50, Amazon

Take your state pride everywhere you go by wearing it around your neck. These dainty necklaces are perfect for layering and tiny enough to wear with just about any outfit. If Delaware isn't your home, don't worry — there are so many other states available right here.

6. Show Your Team Pride With A Pair Of Chic Earrings

Ohio State University Block O Logo Earrings, $20, Amazon

Whether you rock these at the next tailgate, on game day, or just because, people will know what a big team fan you are every single time.

7. Sip Coffee Out Of Your State Mug

Friends Long Distance State Coffee Mug , $18, Amazon

Sometimes life leads you to pick up and move to a different state. And sadly, that means that you have to leave your friends and your home. This mug is a great gift if you have a friend who's moving, or if you're the one peacing out and want to show pride for your new home and your old one, all while keeping things pretty and sentimental.

8. Use Wall Art To Show Off Your Pride

State of Alaska Wall Deca l, $15, Amazon

A wall decal is a great way to add decoration to a room because they look great and are so easy to apply, and this state one is a great way to show how much you love you have for it.

9. Hang Up A Cool Piece of Crafted Wall Art

University of Tennessee Wooden State Flag Sign, $75, Amazon

Whether you're from Nashville, Memphis, or any other Tennessee city, this beautiful handmade piece of art would look awesome hanging in your house. It's completely custom built and features the Tennessee flag cut out into the shape of the state.

10. Rock A Peachy Keen State Shirt

Georgia Peach State Pride Shirt (Sizes S - XL), $20, Amazon

This "Georgia peach" shirt is a fun and easy way to show off all the love you have for your home state. Plus, it comes in five different colors.

11.Cook Up A Meal In A State-Shaped Skillet

Wisconsin Skillet, $125, Amazon

Serve your next casserole (or in the case of Wisconsin, your next cheesy dip), in a high-quality cast iron skillet.

12. Put Your Team On Your Toast

NFL ProToast MVP Toaster, $39, Amazon

Toast bread every morning with your favorite team logo to show everyone exactly where your loyalties lie. It's available in 25 different teams, too, so you can snag one as a gift for a friend whose favorite team differs from your own. Just think of the Instagram possibilities!

13. Create A Collection Of Team Mascot Ice Cubes

Penn State Silicone Ice Tray, $30, Amazon

If you love to host your fellow college football fans for game day, make the day even more special with ice cubes shaped like the mascot's paws.

14. Bring Safety And Style To Your Next Tailgate

Oklahoma State Cowboys Silicone Oven Mitt, $26, Amazon

At your next tailgate, while you're grilling up some food for your friends, slip on this silicone oven mitt. It keeps your hand safe from burns at the same time as showing everyone where your allegiances lie (as if they didn't already know).

15. Pick Your State Bracelet

I Love Connecticut Pick Your State Bracelet, $24, Amazon

Add a hand stamped bangle bracelet to your wrist that's simple enough for everyday wear and looks cute.

16. Drink Tea Out Of Your New Favorite Mug

MASSACHUSETTS State Coffee Mug , $25, Amazon

With its positive message, this cute blue mug will soon become your go-to every morning. It's engraved with the state and reads, "I like it here," reminding everyone just how much love you have for your state.

17. Deck Out Your Car In Crimson Pride

University of Alabama Crimson Tide NCAA Vinyl Car Mats, $60, Amazon

If you're a diehard fan of a team, everyone in your life probably already knows. But now you can really remind them every time you give them a ride with these vinyl car mats that feature your team's symbol.

18. Hang Up A Beautiful Print Of Your Favorite City

Charleston South Carolina Letterpress Map Print, $60, Amazon

I have a map from every place I've ever lived in and honestly, it makes a bad ass home gallery section. That's why I can tell you firsthand that this gorgeous print would look fantastic hanging up on the wall.

19. Wear A State Flag Vintage Shirt

California Republic Unisex Baseball Jersey (Size XS - XL) , $24, Amazon

A great way to show off your home pride: wear a shirt with its state flag printed on it. This one is awesome because of the vintage baseball shirt design and vivid colors.

20. Accessorize With Some Beautiful Map Jewelry

Hand Stamped New York State Earrings , $28, Amazon

These pretty hand stamped, sterling silver earrings are a perfect addition to your jewelry box and feature the prettiest little map of New York.

21. Pair Your Pride With A Cute Graphic Tee

Maine T-Shirt (Sizes XS - XL), $20 - $29, Amazon

Available in five colors, this cute graphic t-shirt reads "Home Is Where The Heart Is" over the state of Maine, letting everyone know exactly where home is for you.

22. Use A High Heel Bottle Opener

NCAA Officially Licensed Shoe Bottle Opener , $10, Amazon

This clever high heel designed bottle opener is perfect for super fans who love a good beer. The opener is available in 14 different college teams, so snag one for you and one for a friend.

23. Keep Your Kitchen Lively With A State Dish Towel

Georgia State Dish Towel, $17, Amazon

This is a great gift for the Georgia lover in your life, especially if that's you. It has several cities marked in different funky fonts and makes for a really unique addition to any kitchen.

24. Throw On A Team Baseball Cap

NFL '47 Clean Up Adjustable Hat , $17, Amazon

On top of being the easiest way to show your pride, a hat is truly a girl's best friend when you're having a bad hair day.

25. Drink Hot Cocoa From This Team Tumbler

NCAA 16 oz Stainless Steel Lincoln Tumbler, $20, Amazon

This double insulated travel mug is a great item to add to your game day arsenal. Those early morning drives to watch your favorite team kick some butt can be a bit chilly, so sip some cocoa, tea, or coffee out of this cute tumbler.

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