Will Doctor Strange Be In 'Thor 3'? 'Ragnarok' Could See A Visit From The Caped Hero

As an origin story, Doctor Strange doesn't have as many ties to the Avengers and the greater Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Yes, it's Marvel, so Easter Eggs abound, but unlike Captain America: Civil War, Doctor Strange only features one superhero, not a Marvel dozen. So, when — spoiler alertThor shows up in the first Doctor Strange post-credits scene, it's really a sight for sore eyes. But Thor's fun cameo does more than just establish Doctor Strange's place in the MCU — it also sets up the third film in his franchise. But will Doctor Strange be in Thor: Ragnarok ? It's definitely possible.

Rumors of Doctor Strange's potential involvement in Thor: Ragnarok have been running wild for months. In August, photos from the set included one of Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth, holding a piece of paper with the fictional address of Doctor Strange's New York Sanctum Sanctorum printed on it. This would, it seems, be the lead-up to the scene teased in Doctor Strange, in which Doctor Strange meets with Thor and offers to help him find his father, Odin, if it helps get Loki off of Earth. It's worth noting that Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi directed the first Doctor Strange post-credits scene, which suggests that he could have, at the same time, directed some extra footage for Ragnarok. Perhaps we will get to see what led to Thor and Doctor Strange's meeting in Ragnarok, and what came of their interaction.

Should Doctor Strange be in Thor: Ragnarok, it's likely it will only be for a short cameo. According to /Film, Marvel Studio's Kevin Feige announced that "only a couple of scenes" in the third Thor film would take place on Earth, with the rest taking place in space. As a Master sorcerer tasked to protect the Earth, it's unlikely that Doctor Strange will be abandoning his planet to go on an adventure with Thor. Based on the Doctor Strange post-credits scene, I'd guess that if Doctor Strange is in Thor: Ragnarok, it will just be to help Thor and Loki recover their father — that's it.

Not only would it be fun to see Doctor Strange interact with Thor in Thor: Ragnarok, it would also help drive the MCU towards Avengers: Infinity War. Ragnarok is scheduled to be released in November of 2017, almost a year before Infinity War. And Doctor Strange, who is not confirmed for Ragnarok, is confirmed for Infinity War. So, we know that Doctor Strange will be joining the Avengers down the road, and having the character appear, however briefly, in Ragnarok would help make Strange's transition into the Avengers as smooth as Tony Stark's pickup lines. Think about it: The Falcon appeared in Ant-Man so that Ant-Man could be brought into Civil War. What better way than to insert Strange into the Avengers than to have him form a relationship with Thor in Thor: Ragnarok?

I, for one, hope Doctor Strange joins Thor on his third outing, if only so that we could see Benedict Cumberbatch (Strange) and Tom Hiddleston (Loki) in a scene together. Fangirls everywhere would be forever in Marvel's debt.

Images: Walt Disney Studios