11 '90s-Inspired School Supplies You Need For Your Office Job

Remember school in the '90s? School supplies in the '90s were the coolest. Lisa Frank was hot. Everyone had denim pencil cases with buttons on them. Owning gel pens made you a classroom legend. "Back to school" in the '90s basically just meant the dopest parade of stationery supplies recent history has to offer. School supplies these days might be technologically futuristic, but a laptop's got nothing on a notebook plastered with a young Leonardo DiCaprio's face, or a lunch box with your favorite cartoon emblazoned across it.

Whether you're still in school or heading to the office like a proper grown up, you can still keep the '90s alive. And it doesn't involve digging up all your old gear that's been in boxes at your parents' place for the past two decades (as fun as that is — oh hell, dig it up anyway!). There's plenty of stuff you can buy now to bring a little '90s magic into your classroom, studies, desk area or office. It doesn't have to be tacky or gaudily retro either. You can have chic school and office supplies with a '90s vibe without sacrificing your current style. Here are eleven '90s inspired school supplies for your classroom or office to buy now.

1. An Awesome Set Of Colorful Gel Pens

Petite Point Gel Pen Set, $13, Amazon

Gel pens have a certain '90s nostalgia about them, but gel pens are also timeless. You'll feel like a '90s kid living the dream all over again with a pristine set of gel pens for all your fancy writing needs. They might even inspire you to delve into the lost art of letter writing!

2. A Lisa Frank Binder

Vintage Lisa Frank Binder, $35, Etsy

A lot of Lisa Frank binders might be a bit childish for you now, but those Trapper Keepers made you feel like a boss in the '90s. You can find some cute vintage ones online, however, that are still loud, but subtle enough to take into any school or office setting.

3. A Notebook With A Grouse Pattern On The Cover

Mico II Notebook, $7, Etsy

The dream of the '90s is alive on a notebook in a technicolor pattern. Be thankful: in the '90s, this pattern might have been on your pants instead.

4. Retro Pens With Multiple Colors In One

Remember these pens with multiple colors in one? You're freaking out right now, aren't you? Well BIC still produces them, but now they come in EVEN COOLER colors than before.

BIC Four Color Fashion Ball Point Pen, $6, Amazon

5. A Mug With A Deep '90s Reference

Pretty Woman Retro Mug, $10, Etsy

Everyone needs a caffeine hit at their desk, so do it in '90s style with a cool custom mug.

6. A USB With A '90s Twist

Custom Mixtape USB Stick Kit, $26, Urban Outfitters

In the '90s, all your saved documents were probably backed up to a floppy disk, right? These ways you're more likely to use a USB. Why not use one with a strong '90s vibe?

7. A Notebook With A '90s Quote

Rap Lyric Notebook, $8, Etsy

There's an abundance of stationary with sick '90s quotes on it to keep you stocked well into the next century. And it's completely non-invasive to the point it will easily blend with your grown up style.

8. Some '90s Retro Headphones

IMIXID Cassette Player And Headphones, $60, Urban Outfitters

Everyone needs headphones, either for the commute to school or office, or if you're in a loud environment and need to zone out. Get some classic '90s style ones, and while you're at it, a personal cassette player for all your old mix tapes.

9. A Leather Backpack

ASOS Leather Front Pocket Backpack, $64, ASOS

Get your young Winona Ryder on with a cool leather backpack that says "cool kid in the '90s class".

10. A Pop Culture Referencing But Still Cool Lunchbox

Little Miss Princess Lunchbox, $12, Asos

Sure Little Miss was around since the '80s, but if you were any kind of '90s child you were probably obsessed. You can have Little Miss all over again, plus a little bit of style too.

11. A Grunge-But-Still-Sweet Pencil Case

White Daisy PVC Pencil Case, $11, Etsy

Get your '90s florals ready, and your pens all set. Add some PVC to the mix and you've got yourself the perfect '90s school accessory.

Images: Paramount Pictures