Is Kesha’s Narwhal Tattoo Real? She May Have Commemorated Her Halloween Costume Permanently — PHOTOS

I think it’s safe to say Kesha won the award of “Best Halloween Costume.” Because seriously, does it get any better than is adorable narwhal creature that’s basically half whale and half unicorn? I think not! It was a great costume, but the singer may have gone and taken her love of the animal to the next level. Kesha got a narwhal tattoo that could very well be a permanent part of her body art collection.

According to her Instagram, she decided to get the tattoo “to immortalize” her Halloween look. She also posted about receiving a brand new smiley face tat on her middle finger and credited tattoo artist Derrick Snodgrass for the work. The narwhal does not have an artist credited, but she did post the photos just an hour apart on Instagram. So, it’s definitely possible that she received both tattoos around the same time.

Kesha has quite a few tattoos already and is known for embracing what self-expression and promoting others to do the same, so I’d be willing to bet that this ink is the real deal — especially considering the slight redness around its horn.

Who wouldn't want to rock this adorable thing? I love all of the details, especially the little sparkly stars.

I'd say the ink is an accurate depiction of this epic ensemble.

With this tattoo, she can carry a piece of this little narwhal with her forever.

Oh, and here's a cute smiley face tat to keep her in good spirits.

She's got a thing for putting tiny symbols on her body.

And they all seem to have a deeper meaning.

They also seem to have a similar, fun theme. Just look at that space ship on her arm.

The playful vibe really matches her overall style, in general.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Because if anyone can pull off multi-color hair and over-the-top beauty looks, it's this girl!