How To Style A Scarf With Necklaces Like Gigi Hadid Because You Don't Have To Choose One Or The Other

Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid's friendship has always been #goals, so of course Gi would post a super sweet Instagram picture in honor of Kenny's birthday weekend (I also fully respect the fact that in the Hadid/Jenner world, the "weekend" starts on Wednesday). And while everything about the photo was straight up adorable (The laughter! The matching outfits! The perfectly highlighted cheek bones!), something about it in particular seriously stood out: Gigi Hadid's scarf and necklace combo.

In the picture, the blonde supermodel rocks a Y-chain, a choker, and a scarf stacked up her neck. Leave it to Hadid to figure out a new way to step up her choker game just when the whole "black velvet ribbon" thing was starting to feel tired and overdone. On their own, each of the pieces would feel kind of #basic, but somehow wearing them all together makes them look edgy. Hadid rocked her triple threat with a scoop-neck black tank top and a high ponytail, and the jewelry added a fashion-forward twist to an otherwise simple look. Typical supermodel.

Even though the rest of us probably won't be participating in Kendall's birthday "weekend" celebrations (my invitation got lost in the mail again this year), we can at least steal Gigi's look.

Here's how:

1. Y Chain

BCBGeneration Gold-Tone Imitation Pearl, Star and Pavé Bar Lariat Necklace, $16,

The more texture you can add to this look, the better! You can layer any old gold chain, or go for the drop-Y look like Gigi does.

2. Studded Choker

ASOS Halloween Gold Stud Choker Necklace, $9.50,

The choker trend is literally never going to die, so you may as well invest in another one.

3. Printed Bandana

Eyes of Her Bandana, $15.95,

Whether you think these eyes are creepy or cool (I actually genuinely can't decide myself) they do look eerily similar (pun intented) to the one Gigi is wearing, for only $15! To tie the way Gi does, roll the scarf into a thin rectangle and double knot at the center of the back of your neck.

Images: GigiHadid/Instagram; Courtesy of Brands