Where To Buy Gilmore Girls Lip Balm Because It's A Thing That Exists, Fans

It's the moment you've all been waiting for. Nope, not the release of Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life (although that's coming Nov. 25), but rather the release of Gilmore Girls-themed lip balms. That's right, Urban Tee Farm is releasing three organic lip balms to celebrate Gilmore Girls' triumphant return to our TVs.

The collection of Gilmore Girls lip balm includes three different flavors, each inspired by different moments from the show. However, they are clearly targeted at diehard fans because the names acknowledge somewhat obscure moments in the series, especially Vicious Trollop, a pink orange vanilla flavored balm referring to the name of Lorelai's lipstick in the 2002 episode titled "There's The Rub."

The other two lip balms are Java Junkie, which is, as you may have guessed, coffee flavored, and Spring Break, which is a mango mint flavored balm. All three lip balms are available on Urban Tee Farm's website and cost $5 for one lip balm or $12 for all three. Not a bad deal.

The best part about these lip balms is that they each have a little tint (always a plus) and that they are made with various organic oils, for example, Java Junkie is made with avocado oil, so your lips will be super moisturized.

I could really get into coffee flavored lip balm, that's for sure.

The Spring Break flavor just looks so tropical and fun.

And much like Lorelai, I will probably buy this lip balm just for the name. So good.

Images: Urban Tree Farm (3)