Leonardo DiCaprio Briefs and Other Strange Panties That Shouldn't Exist

Undergarments have officially jumped the shark: Shop Jeen is selling a pair of undies printed with Leonardo DiCaprio's face. And while many of us have harbored a crush on Leo since his Jack Dawson days, wearing his face on your behind is just plain creepy. That being said, these panties got us thinking about what other bizarre undergarments we'd never consider wearing. Take a look at the weirdest undies ever to grace the lingerie drawer!

Yung Leo Panties

Titanic-era Leo on your backside? This is taking “I’ll never let go, Jack” to a whole new level of possessive.

$36, shopjeen.com


What, you’ve never bemoaned the fact that your underwear didn’t come equipped with an iPod pocket?


I Love You Thong

We’re all for sending a message with your lingerie, but this is just too direct.

$2.80, forever21.com

Obama Panties

A unique way to declare political allegiance.

$36, shopjeen.com

Pubic Hair Undies

Fake pubic hair is having a moment (thanks American Apparel!) but what’s the point of this?! Just neglect to shave if that’s the look you’re going for.


"Leaf" Print

Yes, it is technically a leaf. But a very specific kind of still-illegal-in-most-states leaf. Say what you will about marijuana, but the one place we know it does not belong is printed across your butt.

$8.00, urbanoutfitters.com