Lena Dunham Directed A Music Video For Bleachers, And It's Very Lena Dunham — VIDEO

She's an actress, a writer, a director, a producer — and a music video director. In the spare downtime she had, Lena Dunham directed the first music video for Bleachers, which is a side project from her boyfriend, Jack Antonoff (who you may know from fun.). The video is very Dunham-esque — and it's pretty great, too.

This is one of those videos that actually tells a story, which is always a fun departure from high production value camera tricks. The opening sequence looks like it's a page from Dunham's book of dark humor (even the title placard is slightly reminiscent of Girls). Antonoff plays a therapist whose girlfriend leaves him at the top of the video, and then he must go to work (as folks often must), where he sees a bunch of very odd patients. In a hilarious interlude in the video, the patients have some pretty funny confessions to give to their doctor (and you can definitely tell Dunham penned them). One patient can't possibly gather why anyone would support Take Your Daughter To Work Day ("I don't want to be at work with other people's daughters... it's distracting) and another patient says, "My parents gave me a dog, so I'd get an abortion... he's an abortion dog."

The song itself is incredibly catchy, too, and you'll likely want to download it.

You can find out more about Bleachers on their website, but be sure to check out the video below:

BleachersVEVO on YouTube

Image: Gif-Able/Tumblr