13 Sandwich Memes For National Sandwich Day That Will Leave You Deeply Craving Lunch

Have you had a sandwich yet? If not, then you had better get on it ASAP, because Nov. 3 is National Sandwich Day. Luckily, these sandwich memes for National Sandwich Day will leave you with a craving for a sandwich, so I'm sure it won't be long before you're biting into one. While there are some pretty amazing "national days" spread out throughout the year, nothing quite compares to this one. There's just something special about a sandwich that no other food can compare to.

Whether it's breakfast, lunch, or dinner, a sandwich is never a bad idea. From fried egg and bacon sandwiches to roast beef and cream cheese sandwiches, breakfast never tastes as good as it does between two pieces of toast. As for lunch and dinner? Things get even better when meat, cheeses, veggies, spreads, and fruits work their magic.

True, these hilarious sandwich memes will make you laugh, but they will also have you furiously nodding your head in agreement. After all, isn't that what all great memes do? Now go get yourself a sandwich, firstly because you deserve it and secondly because it's National Sandwich Day. No matter what it is you like to eat, just be sure it's sitting sweetly between two slices of bread for today.

Yes, yes you can.

Sandwiches: a man's best friend.

I feel ya, man. I feel ya.

Not a bad idea.

Now that's a good friend.

Nothing can make a bad day good again like a sandwich can.

Make your own damn sandwich. And make me one too while you're at it.

If it is, I understand this enthusiasm.

Oprah gets it.

To be honest, I'm not sure there will ever be a day.

Yes we can!

George Constanza's greatest idea ever.

This is basically me eating a sandwich.

Images: Asnim Asnim/Unsplash; MemeCenter (13)