These Memes & Tweets Show The Cubs' Win & Election Have More In Common Than You Think

It's been 108 long years for fans of the Chicago Cubs, whose catchphrase has so often been, "Just one before I die." And finally, the Cubs have won the 2016 World Series and broken their curse. But some people have made an interesting connection that shows what the Cubs win and this presidential election have in common. Of course, there is the obvious connection of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton being born in Chicago and raised in Illinois. Clinton watched the Cubs win the series on a tablet and publicly celebrated their win on Twitter.

But there's more: 27 World Series have been played during a presidential election year, and in 21 of those times, the state of the winner's team ended up voting for the winner of the presidential race, The Wall Street Journal reported. Since Illinois is projected to vote Democratic (as it has in the last six elections), Clinton may be in luck.

Interestingly enough, Republican candidate Donald Trump threatened to use ads saying the Cubs "aren't properly run," back in March, Fox Sports reported. This reportedly came on the heels of a Chicago family donating money to a political action committee that opposed Trump. While it isn't clear if he was joking or not, the Cubs managed to pull off a win regardless of the Donald's feelings towards the team. Here are some tweets and memes from more people who see a connection between the election and Chicago's baseball team.

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The Cubs and their fans may have waited a century to win the World Series, but Nov. 8 is coming up very soon. We'll have be patient for a few more days to see whether the connections between the Cubs win and the presidential candidates will actually show up.