Smart New Taco Bell Ad Stars Ronald McDonald, But Not In The Way You Think

Taco Bell has an unlikely advocate for its new breakfast menu: Ronald McDonald. The fast food chain got a little clever with its new ad featuring real-life men named Ronald McDonald chowing down on Waffle Tacos, A.M. Crunchwraps, and other "revolutionary" foods. Because who wouldn't love Mexican food in the early hours of the morning?

The advertisement, which starts airing Thursday, shows men from around the U.S. introducing themselves and singing praises about the menu items. There's even a Ronald McDonald Jr. and Ronald McDonald III (imagine the jokes this kid got at school,) who share the name with the golden arches' famed mascot. At the end, the whole group says, "I"m Ronald McDonald and I love Taco Bell's new breakfast."

The new spot is the latest battle in the fast-food breakfast wars, and it's clear the "Live Mas" company is throwing a little shade. Taco Bell will even open its locations earlier starting this week to coincide with the launch of the menu additions. Still, McDonald's leads the pack, holding the number one spot with about 31 percent of the morning meal category, according to the Associated Press.

Taco Bell clarifies in their ad that the everyday Ronald McDonald's were paid for their involvement in the ad and are in no way affiliated with Mickey D's. Still, the text also reads: "but man they sure did love it." Company president Brian Niccol tells the AP that the men's reactions were real. Promise.

"We like to do things with a wink and smile," Niccol says. "We have a sense of humor."

That's for sure. Your move, McDonald's.


Image: Taco Bell