Ashlee Simpson’s Engagement Party Brought Out The Happy Couple’s Strangest Outfits — PHOTOS

Anyone who watched The Ashlee Simpson Show (it's okay, you can remain anonymous) knows that Ashlee Simpson has gone through quite the style evolution during her lifetime. Simpson was once a pop-punk teenager whose outfits could be reproduced solely using Hot Topic and now she's... wearing giant feather headdresses. Ashlee Simpson held her engagement party recently — she got engaged to Evan Ross (son of Diana) in January — and she and her fiancé wore some pretty interesting outfits. Simpson wore a shawl and a headpiece that looks like a flapper accessory fell into a bucket of growth hormone and Ross wore a huge fur short-sleeve coat with Seinfeld's puffy shirt underneath.

I would guess that this was a theme party, and while some outlets are reporting that it was, they aren't reporting exactly what the theme was. Here are a few guesses at what these two were going for.

- He likes Game of Thrones, she likes Boardwalk Empire, so they met in the middle.

- Look like you're in a ethereal Teen Vogue fashion spread.

- Be super cuddly.

- Boho chic!

- Dress like characters in a Baz Lurhman film about Native Americans transported to 1920s New York.

- Honoring past Best Costume Design Academy Award winners.

- Birds. The theme was birds. Just check out this cake:

- A celebration of texture.

- There was no theme, Simpson and Ross just like looking like the store Free People personified.

Seriously, I don't think there was a theme. Look at what Jessica Simpson wore:

And Ross' sisters:

And everyone in the background:

Well now we know, these two are perfect for each other.

Images: Ashlee Simpson/Twitter; Daniel Booko/Instagram; Jessica Simpson/Instagram; Evan Ross/Instagram