Chad Johnson Joins 'Famously Single' & Maybe The Show Will Finally Whip Him Into Shape

Ever since he first munched on deli meat and ripped Evan Bass' shirt on The Bachelorette last summer, it seems that Chad Johnson just can't stay away from reality TV. Not only did he have a quick stint on Bachelor in Paradise, but he also recently made an appearance on Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After?. And now, he's back again — this time, in pursuit of a healthy, happy relationship. Johnson has officially joined the cast of Famously Single , and hopefully, this show will be able to do what Chris Harrison and Lace Morris couldn't.

After the blaze of glory (if you can call it that) that Johnson went out with on BIP, it's not surprising that he's still single — even if he's been using his time since the show to hook up with a few of his former costars' exes. But maybe by going on a show that is expressly meant to help people with the relationship issues they struggle with, he'll finally see the light? Tough love can work wonders on the right people, so that might be just what Johnson needs after his Bachelor nation strike outs.

Because underneath his rough exterior (and all that protein), there are a lot of things to like about Johnson. He's funny, he just launched his own personal training business, and nobody can question how much he loves that dog of his. These are good qualities to have, so if he found the right person, he might actually turn into some semblance of a gentleman — albeit a gentleman who eats raw sweet potatoes like they're candy.

Maybe all Chad needs is some counseling from Famously Single doc Darcy Sterling to figure out what's been holding him back from a healthy relationship. If his behavior on Bachelorette was actually who Johnson is and not an act, he has a lot of work to do. But he seems like a smart and capable dude, so change is definitely possible. I'm not naive enough to believe he's going on the show purely for the advice, but crazier things have happened on reality TV.

The show's second season kicks off in 2017, which means it won't be long before Johnson is back on our TV screens... although knowing him, I wouldn't rule out some kind of appearance before then. There's a fair chance that The Bachelorette has created a monster, but at least it's an entertaining monster?

Image: Craig Sjodin/ABC