Mama June's Afraid of Mayo and Her Reaction to Hypnotherapy is Hilarious

From aluminum foil to dolphins, celebrities have admitted to having some quite peculiar phobias, and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo's Mama June recently joined the club of those paralyzed by quirky fears when she sought treatment for her extreme aversion to mayonnaise. In an attempt to get a grip on her longstanding battle with the goopy condiment, she visits a hypnotherapist and her reaction to the session is hilarious.The first sign that this plan is doomed becomes quite evident as Mama June struggles to comprehend the difference between hypnotherapy and voodoo. She threatens to abandon ship if the therapist Alanna (who ironically shares the same first name as Honey Boo Boo) "brings out a shrunken head" or tries her hand at casting a spell. Recalling the presence of potato salad and deviled eggs fraught with memories of having consumed too much damn mayonnaise during her childhood, Mama June's face literally reddens when the therapist asks her to close her eyes and envision her worst fear. Even though Mama June reveals a fairly legitimate reason for her fear of mayonnaise, this whole scenario still warrants a raised brow of suspicion, namely due to her homemade concoctions that include roadkill and the infamous "sketti," which deserves a higher ranking than mayonnaise on the food phobia hierarchy thanks to its ingredients of microwaved butter and ketchup. Nevertheless, mayonnaise scares Mama June so much that she conjures up all kinds of original words that bear a striking resemblance to English adjectives, including mayonnaisey, manoey and mannoisey. Obviously, getting her to comply with the therapist's suggestions was a complete struggle. Hopefully, she'll overcome her phobia of mayonnaise by the end of season 3's finale on Thursday and replace it with that godawful family favorite delicacy of freshly retrieved roadside deer meat.Watch Mama June come face to face with her worst nightmare below: