Kendall Jenner's Birthday Dress Looks Familiar

If there was doubt that Kendall Jenner's style doesn't translate off the runway, she put it to rest Wednesday night. The incredibly talented model rocked a look that was noticeable for more than how fabulous it was. Kendall Jenner's birthday dress for her big 21st celebration was a seemingly very accurate throwback to a starlet of yesteryear. A picture is worth a thousand Instagram likes — or a million if you're Jenner — and the photographic comparisons between her sparkling birthday frock and a dress worn my Paris Hilton back in 2002 for her own 21st party will make you do a double take.

While Jenner hasn't confirmed anything about being inspired by the famous socialite, it's hard to deny that the similarities in the frocks are obvious. From the plunging neckline to the insanely glittering fabric, they are practically identical, and while styled very differently, I have to say that I'd bet Jenner was totally inspired by Hilton.

Jenner's birthday bash was actually full of killer style, but would you expect anything else from a member of the Kardashian-Jenner family? From Kylie Jenner's sheer top and lace up pants to Hailey Baldwin's insane thigh highs, there definitely wasn't a lack of seriously sexy style. Kendall Jenner's gorgeous glittering frock totally stole the show, though.

The seemingly coincidental link between this frock and Hilton's don't just stop at the way they look, though. First up, there's the fact that Jenner and Hilton were both turning 21 when they wore their now infamous dresses.

Then, you can add the fact that Jenner's younger sister Kylie just channeled another well-known woman circa 2002. Kylie Jenner's Xtina Halloween costume took us back to 2002's "Dirrty." When did Hilton wear her glittering frock? Also in 2002. It can't be too coincidental, right?

So far, I've found no official confirmation from Jenner or her stylist, Monica Rose, about whether or not the model was specifically inspired by Paris Hilton. Regardless of whether or not Jenner's birthday dress actually is Hilton-inspired, there's no doubt that she slayed her party. Her fans clearly think so, too.

Look at the way it's killing it under those lights.

Tons of people are spotting the Hilton similarity, too.

Now, it seems Jenner's Hilton inspired look is about to go massively viral. Brace yourself for alternatives and get ready to go shopping.