Meet Gareth From 'The Walking Dead'— Here's Why You Know Andrew J. West's Handsome Face

We're almost ready to close the book on Season 4 of The Walking Dead , but not before we meet a new, hot zombie apocalypse survivor. As the divided group of survivors from the prison finally make their way over to Terminus for the fourth season finale, we'll meet a few new characters. Among them? A non-comic character named Gareth, played by handsome actor Andrew J. West.

So, who is the newbie hanging out with Rick and Co.? While little is known about West's character (some speculate that he may be a re-imagining one of the cannibals from the comic series, to which I say I sincerely hope not) you may be able to recognize Andrew J. West from his previous television roles. Before he was surviving zombie attacks, West was playing a character looking to simply survive four years in a frat. West played ZBZ brother and Ashleigh's jerk-of-a-boyfriend Fisher on ABC Family's college dramedy Greek. Prior to that, he had a role on The CW series Privileged and The OC creator Josh Schwartz's short-lived web series Rockville, CA. For all you Nip/Tuck fans out there, West also played a young Christian Troy on the series in 2010.

West is slated to be a guest star on The Walking Dead but has potential to move up as a series regular come Season 5. Tune into The Walking Dead this Sunday at 9 PM to meet Andrew J. West, and cross your fingers that he doesn't want to eat the other survivors. Because, ugh, gross.