Kylie Jenner's Birthday Tribute For Kendall Jenner Shows How Close The Sisters Really Are — PHOTO

In case you haven't heard, Nov. 3 is a date worth celebrating: It is Kendall Jenner's 21st birthday, and it's time for all of us to pay tribute to the queen. For her part, Kylie Jenner took to Instagram to share a genuine and sweet birthday note to her sister. Yes, despite that time Kylie brought Tyga on vacation to Kendall's dismay, and that other time that Kendall called her "the biggest f*cking b*tch" for taking her dress, these two are actually krazy klose. Sure, sisters (particularly sisters close in age) may fight sometimes, but Kylie's birthday post to Kendall is sentimental proof that the two are bonded for life.

"happy birthday Kenny. My other half. I wouldn't be me if it weren't for YOU," Kylie captioned the childhood photo of the two. "we dreamt about the day when you'd turn 21 & I'd be 19. It came too fast ... But who you are and where you are today was beyond my wildest expectations!" (That's for sure: I'm sure toddler Kendall and Kylie had big dreams for themselves, but nothing like the fame and success they've achieved now.)

"You are an angel my supermodel sister. I love watching you live out your dreams," Kylie added, before concluding the truest phrase that has ever been uttered: "Every Kylie needs her Kendall."

Following both Kendall and Kylie on pretty much every social platform they have, it's a rare moment when a post doesn't seem curated. Even the Snapchat Queen Kylie's silly outtakes are all part of her ~brand~. But this one feels different to me somehow — it seems genuine and straight from the heart. It's Kylie reflecting on the sisters' childhood (which wasn't necessarily average by any means, but not anything what their lives are like now) and seeing how far they have come.

It's a real toast to her sister, one that shows just how close the two have been since they were kids — and just how close they still are today. Happy birthday, Kendall!