5 Ways To Achieve A Brighter Smile, According To An Orthodontist

Beauty is often times focused on skincare or wellness or cosmetics, leaving another integral part to be overlooked: your teeth. That's why knowing hacks for achieving a better smile is just as important as knowing how to contour like an Instagram star. Your teeth and smile are exposed a million times throughout the day, and keeping your pearly whites as white as possible is the perfect way to add another healthy, beautiful feature to your already stunning self.

Thankfully, I was able to speak with Dr. Ben Burris of SmileDirectClub, an at-home treatment perfect for whitening and straightening your teeth. He shared the best ways to make sure your dental health and the whiteness of your teeth is always top notch. Dr. Burris is a national speaker on orthodontics and issues of being able to access care, making him just the professional to speak with about healthy teeth hacks.

Of course, Dr. Burris made sure to include some dental tips on top of the best hacks to keep your teeth white. Obviously whitening your teeth and dental care go hand in hand, so he recommends professional cleaning twice a year. However, for those in-between moments, here's what Dr. Burris has to say.

1. Brush Correctly

Dr. Burris explains that simply brushing can sometimes be a bit more complicated than we all think. He says, "Everyone thinks they know how to brush, but it’s actually a bit nuanced. The most important thing is to make sure you’re always brushing half on the gum and half on the teeth. Take your time, don’t push too hard — speed and pressure are not your friends when it comes to brushing!"

2. Remember to Floss

I don't floss enough, and I feel as though I'm not alone. Dr. Burris, however, stresses its importance in dental health, which then leads to whiter teeth. He explains, "Regular flossing removes bacteria from the pockets around your gums and keeps your gums from bleeding (if you haven’t flossed in a while, your gums may bleed for the first few times but don’t worry — this should stop if you continue flossing regularly). It also prevents unsightly build-up from piling up on your teeth and makes your brushing more effective by keeping your gums from becoming swollen." Basically, if your gums and teeth aren't healthy, they aren't going to look great no matter how white you make them.

3. Straighten Your Teeth

Dr. Burris is a proponent of affordable orthodontic care. That's why SmileDirectClub is such a great way to improve dental health. "For some," he explains, "straighter teeth can do a lot to improve confidence. Traditionally, this required regular in-person orthodontist visits, a hefty price tag and a full set of braces. Thanks to advances in telehealth and 3D printing, today there are great alternatives like SmileDirectClub — you can now straighten your teeth from home, for up to 70 percent less."

4. Try Whitening Kits

Dr. Burris explains that a good way to whiten is also a somewhat obvious one: at-home whitening kits. From drugstore kits to DIY formulas, you can easily whiten from home. He explains, "Whitening used to require expensive sessions, but these days all you need are a couple of 10-minute whitening strips, available at any drugstore. If you want to go the DIY route, it’s easy to make your own homemade solutions that use baking soda as the base and are combined with other natural ingredients for consistency."

5. Just Smile

A smile is your best accessory, and that's Dr. Burris' most important tip. He says, "At the end of the day, a smile can go a long way. A free way to make you feel better and look better? The world can use more smiles!"

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Images: Bustle; Courtesy of SmileDirectClub