Adam Levine Is Forever Indebted To Ellen DeGeneres

When she is not busy hosting her daytime talk show or modeling for CoverGirl, Ellen DeGeneres apparently moonlights as a celebrity baby name advisor. On Thursday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the host chatted with guest Adam Levine about his daughter's name. So, how did Levine and Behati Prinsloo come up with Dusty Rose for their now six-week-old baby? The mustachioed musician’s answer might surprise you. But do you know who it did not surprise? DeGeneres. Because DeGeneres helped name Levine and Prinsloo’s kid.

The Maroon 5 frontman told the audience that he and his wife had a different name in mind for their firstborn, but when he ran it by DeGeneres via text message, she gave it the thumbs down. But instead of being like, "lol lame name l8r sk8r" and leaving it at that, she offered her buddy some alternate, Ellen-approved options. “She gave me like five names to think about, like, ‘This, this, this, this’ — Dusty was in there," Levine recalled. "So you basically named my kid.”

You think E. De-G started and stopped at the forename? Nope-o-roni. The host added that she also gave The Voice coach a suggestion for the middle name. “I had already thought of Dusty and then someone said ‘Dusty Rose,’” DeGeneres told Levine. “I said, ‘Oh, that’s her name,’ and so I texted you, ‘Dusty Rose.’”

“Yeah, so basically, she named my kid,” said Levine. “If anyone needs to name their child, Ellen’s really good at it.”

I am all about DeGeneres as a baby name consultant to the stars. I'm picturing her with one of those baby name meaning books tucked under one arm, an idea notepad under the other, just ready to serve up ideas to any famous person who runs a possible moniker by her. Also? I've got to say I am dying to know the name she rejected. Also (part two)? Levine did not know that dusty rose is a color. Huh? Guess I won't ask him to be on my team at Crayola crayon trivia night.