15 Best Over The Knee Boots You Need To Shop

by Melanie Richtman

Over the knee boots have been pretty popular over the last year. There's something about them that's just a little bit cooler than their shorter counterparts. A little more... transgressive. Since thigh high boots are still going strong, we rounded up the best over the knee boots for 2016 so you can add some cool new pairs to your shoe collection this season.

The variety of over the knee boots available has really expanded since I bought my first pair in 2010. Yes, I owned two pairs of over the knee boots in 2010 and then got rid of them only for them to be incredibly stylish a few years later. But don't worry, I've learned my lesson and I have since replaced them with a few even cooler pairs.

Now, in 2016, your thigh high boot options are endless. Whether you want flat suede over the knee boots or leather ones with heels, you can find them, in almost every color imaginable too.

Celebrities love over the knee boots, and even wear them all year round, like when Khloe Kardashian wore a pair this summer and got a few weird looks, but fashion enthusiasts get it. We just love over the knee boots. And now, it's boot season again, so here are 15 pairs of over the knee boots you need in your closet.

1. This *Perfect* Pair

Over-The-Knee Boots, $45, Forever 21

These are just actual perfection. And the price isn't bad either.

2. This Mod Pair

ASOS KAILIS Over The Knee Sock Boots, $83, Asos

That heel is so 60s.

3. This Snow-Ready Pair

Ruby Skater Over The Knee Boot, $52, Boohoo

So you can be stylish and trudge through slush at the same time.

4. This Velvet Pair

EMOTIONV Over The Knee Boots, $130, Steve Madden

Velvet is so trendy right now, and this burgundy color is quite luxe.

5. This Boho Pair

Women's DV Marilyn Over The Knee Boots, $20, Target

This faux suede pair will look great with a long sleeve minidress.

6. This Lace Up Pair

Lace-Up Thigh High Boots, $45, Forever21

And since they tie, you won't have to worry about them sliding down your leg.

7. This Funky Blue Pair

Planetary Thigh Highs, $58, Dolls Kill

I don't think you'll get too many wears out of this bright blue pair, but if you can find a few occasions to wear them, it might be worth it, because they are pretty cool.

8. This Sporty Pair

LFL by Lust For Life MVP Vegan Suede Boots, $89, Nastygal

Just imagine these with an oversized tee for some major Jenner vibes. So cute.

9. This Fun Pair

Prague Black Suede Over The Knee Boots, $59, Lulus

Pom poms were popular in the nineties and now they've made a triumphant routine to keychains, so why not have them on your shoes. It's kind of fun.

10. This Flat Pair

ASOS KEEPERS Wide Leg Flat Over The Knee Boots, $48, Asos

Because let's face it, people don't want to wear heels all the time.

11. This Patent Leather Pair

Black Patent Stiletto Over The Knee Boots , $102, Miss Guided

Rock this patent leather pair because why the hell not?

12. This Denim Pair

Over The Knee Denim Boots , $43, Miss Guided

They're so Britney-meets-Rihanna.

13. These Riding Boots

Neika Over The Knee Riding Boots, $20, Target

A classic boot with a modern twist.

14. This Wedge Pair

Women's Capri Wedge Boots, $42, Target

So you can get a little extra height but still be able to walk comfortably.

15. This Sweet Green Pair

River Island Studio Soft Over The Knee Boot, $77, Asos

Really digging this green color.

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