Rita Wilson Is Ginny's Voice Of Reason On 'Pitch'

The Chicago Cubs won the World Series on Wednesday for the first time since 1908. Millions of people tuned in to watch to see if the Cubs or the Cleveland Indians would win the decisive Game 7. Fans got to see the Cubs players celebrate and pop bottles of champagne, but rarely is the pressure and stress of the job seen on the field. One day later, Fox's Pitch examined just how overwhelming it can get through a fictional female professional baseball player. Rita Wilson guest starred on Pitch as Ginny's therapist on Thursday night's episode and the acclaimed actress was a perfect addition to an already strong cast — and the right guide to help the show's first female pro baseball player through a breakdown.

Wilson's character Andrea appears at the beginning of the episode, but viewers don't quite understand why — or what's going on with Ginny — until the end. Throughout the episode, the doc guides Ginny through making sense of the previous 48 hours, which are told in flashbacks. In those, everyone seemed to see that Ginny was a bit off — and not just on the pitcher's mound, where her performance suffered as well. She had insomnia and a panic attack after signing a coveted endorsement deal with Nike. Mike and Amelia's new relationship unwittingly combined Ginny's professional and personal worlds and began to negatively affect her, so they broke it off. Amelia thrusts Ginny into the spotlight in an expensive dress (remember this) at a Nike gala filled with images of the brand's new ad campaign, featuring the baseball star herself.

Although it sounds like the perfect night, it's anything but for Ginny, who takes off with cater waitress Cara (Lyndsey Fonseca) to party like, well, a normal woman in her 20s. At what was possibly Ginny's first house party, she played beer pong, danced around, and dunked a toy basketball into a pool while wearing the expensive dress and a pair of borrowed New Balance kicks. Because it's 2016, Cara's friends record and post Ginny's stunt — and Cara records a more concerning video in which Ginny cries, declaring that she doesn't want to go back to her job as a pitcher for the San Diego Padres or her life as a pro baseball player, which she dreamed about forever.

Amelia, Al Luongo, and Charlie Graham equally show their concern for Ginny's well-being and ask her to see Andrea to help her through this. Ginny doesn't deny the help, but she also doesn't open up right away to Andrea either. They do wind up having a breakthrough at the end of the episode — with Ginny wondering if she really wants to play baseball — but Andrea tells Ginny even with that, they still have a long way to go on this journey together.