Carol & Ezekiel Are 'TWD's Best New 'Ship

by Lindsey Kupfer

Sorry Daryl Dixon, I've moved on from your 'ship and am jumping on board for an Ezekiel and Carol relationship on The Walking Dead this season. The internet exploded with speculation and hope of a potential romance after the Oct. 30 episode showed the characters meeting and forming mutual respect for each other. Even Khary Payton, who plays King Ezekiel, is convinced something is going on. When asked why he thinks Ezekiel showed up at Carol's door at the end of last week's episode on Talking Dead, he replied, “He's trying to get laid ... I mean, you come bearing fruit. He put on a different shirt. Dude puts on a different shirt in an apocalypse... you know how hard it is to get another shirt during the apocalypse?” He has a point and I'm glad that I'm not the only person on this 'ship.

Last week, in "The Well," Carol and Morgan found themselves in The Kingdom, another community. Carol wakes up and is in a bit of a fairytale as she’s wheeled in to meet King Ezekiel and his pet tiger. Like many people likely would, she laughs at the ridiculousness of what’s happening and immediately attempts to flee. In the end, Ezekiel lets his guard down and explains to her that everyone needs a leader to follow, so he plays into the role of "King" in an attempt to help people. Carol finds her own house to settle in outside of the community but nearby, and the episode ends with Ezekiel dropping by to insist that she try a pomegranate, setting up the path towards a potential relationship.

Though those are the only interactions we've seen between the pair, here's why I'm hoping they become The Walking Dead's next romance.

Carol Needs Someone To Talk To

Carol is in a very difficult place right now, trying to come to terms with everything she's done to protect herself in the apocalypse. She's not talking to Morgan, so if she could find comfort in Ezekiel and open up to him, maybe it could help her move forward and go back to being the badass we all know and love.

They're Just Cute Together

I can't be the only who saw it when they sat and talked by the fire. They had great chemistry and Ezekiel opened up to Carol in a way that it seems he doesn't often to.

It's A Good Way To Switch Up Comic Book Storylines

In the comics, Ezekiel and Michonne become involved in a romantic relationship. However, on the AMC series, Michonne and Rick are currently a couple and I definitely don't want to see them split up. Pairing Ezekiel with Carol instead would be a great way to give him another romantic plotline without breaking up Richonne.

Carol Would Be A Great "Queen"

King Ezekiel would be lucky to have Carol on his side when making decisions that affect his community, as she'd be a great leader more than capable of making the tough calls.

She Can Bring Him Down A Notch

When Ezekiel is getting a little over-the-top in his king role, she can be there to remind him that he's not really royal and the threats facing the Kingdom are extremely dangerous. Since she already knows the truth about his past, she'd be able to remind Ezekiel that he's just a normal man with a huge responsibility to keep others safe.

They'd Be A Dangerous Team

Once Carol finds out what Negan did to her group, I think she'll go back to her old ways and preapre to take revenge on the Saviors — especially if she finds out that they're keeping Daryl prisoner. From what we've seen so far, Ezekiel appears to be a good fighter too, and could prove to be a major asset if she goes after Negan.

We Need A Happy Ending, Dammit

We just watched Glenn and Abraham get their heads bashed in by Negan. The Walking Dead fans deserve to see some romance and happiness for a change. #TeamCarzekiel

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