NBC Announces Its Summer Lineup And Premiere Dates, And It's Pretty Great

Do you have summer plans? No? Okay, cool. Yes? Well, revise them to squeeze some good TV in! NBC has announced their summer lineup, and it's NBC, so even their summer pop confections should be delights, and if not delights, then they'll sure as hell be guilt pleasures (American Ninja Warrior, anyone?).

The network will be premiering six new scripted shows. On May 27th, the new series The Night Shift will air at 10 PM, and on the 29th, Bill Lawrence's new comedy, Undateable will premiere at 9 with back-to-back half hour episodes each week. At 10 PM on Friday the 30th, we'll get to check out Crossbones. Then on June 25, Taxi Brooklyn, starring Chyler Leigh (remember her from Grey's Anatomy?) will air at 10 PM. Thursday, July 10, looks to be pretty great (and pretty international), with the Amy Poehler-produced Welcome To Sweden (which is, yes, Swedish) at 9, and anything backed by Amy Poehler is backed by us. It will be followed by the Canadian Working The Engels at 9:30. The network will also premiere a new unscripted series called Food Fighters on July 22 at 8 PM, which will apparently be the "ultimate culinary clash," as it will pit amateurs against professional chefs, which apparently is "ultimate."

Some other returning favorites will come back, too, like Last Coming Standing (May 22), America's Got Talent (May 27), and my personal favorite, American Ninja Warrior (May 26). In case you need a refresher on the inane testosterone fest, here ya go:

Team Ninja Warrior on YouTube

Plan your nights accordingly!