'Finding Prince Charming' Season 2 Is Casting Now

Now that Finding Prince Charming has paved the way for gay couples to look for love on television just like straight couples and celebrities have for over a decade now, it's time to start speculating: when will Finding Prince Charming return for Season 2? The series, which is broadcast on both Logo and VH1, was renewed in October 2016, towards the end of its debut season. The network made the announcement ahead of the Season 1 finale, when Robert finally made his choice of which bachelor he was going to give a shot at lasting love. When he chose Eric over Brandon, the series made reality TV dating history by uniting the couple and, along the way, both breaking some stereotypes about gay dating and proving that no matter who you love, looking for a partner on television leads to some weird moments.

While, normally, fans would have to wait a whole year in order to see another season of their favorite show, it looks like Logo wants to get another season of the series started as soon as possible. It hasn't announced a return date yet, but pretty much right as Season 1 ended, Logo began casting fan submissions for potential consideration for the second season. If you head to Logo's website, they have a form open for potential suitors to apply to be on Finding Prince Charming and vie for the next Prince Charming's heart — and possibly win the hearts of the people instead (it should have been you, Brandon!).

All you have to do is submit a picture (or a link to your Instagram) and a 60-second long video about why you should be chosen for the show, fill out a short form to explain who you are, where you're from, and what you do for a living, and fans will be able to vote on whether you seem like the best potential contestant starting on Nov. 18. According to Logo, the voting will be limited to the top five self-entries of their choosing, so the network will still be guiding the casting process.

Right now, based on the submissions that have already been received, it looks like the show is still interested in exclusively casting men who are interested in dating other men, but considering how successful Finding Prince Charming has been so far, perhaps a lesbian series isn't far behind. According to Logo executive Pamela Post, "We are looking forward to leveling up next season," though she didn't describe what kind of twists the show will have to offer.

Charley Gallay/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

But for now, it looks like Logo is primarily interested in delivering another season of Finding Prince Charming as soon as possible. They haven't announced who the next bachelor will be, if Lance Bass will return as host, or if anything else about the show is due for an update. But given that the series, particularly when paired with RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 2, reached all-time ratings highs for Logo, they're probably not looking to change too much for Finding Prince Charming Season 2.

Image: Logo (2)