10 Legalized Weed Memes & Jokes After The Election

With election night finally upon us, the majority of the country's focus is set on who will take the White House. But for a group of eight states — Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, and North Dakota — their focus may be a That's because those eight states will also vote on whether or not to legalize marijuana, a measure that could have a great effect on the local fiscal and social economies, and really, make the post-election life a little more bearable. And with a slew of legalized weed memes and jokes making their way around Twitter, you can tell people were really, really excited.

As for what ballot initiatives passed, thus far, California and Massachusetts have passed recreational marijuana. Florida and North Dakota have passed medical marijuana. And while these states have a cause for celebration, initiatives for legalization are still pending in the others. (But after tonight's election results, let's hope there is some good news, and they pass.)

So with the election turning all of us into nervous wrecks, here are some of the best tweets on legalizing weed to get you through in the days after:

In The Days Following The Election...

A New Style Of Selfie

Do It For The Doggos

Don't Cry Over Spilled Marijuana

So Left Out...

One Perk Of Legalization

Maybe It Can Run Third-Party?

Get That Trademarked

A Whole New Line Of Products

Such A Sad, Sad World

Legalized weed has been a celebrated measure in the election, and these memes show how happy people are about it.