How Much Are Fossil's Purse Stickers? These Adorable Add-Ons Are Pretty Affordable

A purse might be a great accessory, but Fossil is making it even better. You can now personalize your handbag in the most adorable way possible. Fossil created leather stickers for you to stick on your favorite bag, pouches, or wallets. Think of it as the easiest way to make your bag a little bit different from everyone else's. How much are Fossil's leather stickers, you ask? There are tons of options that won't break the bank.

Remember the pin trend? The tiny little add ons are the perfect way to make any outfit a little more modern. Well, now you can do the same for your purse. Fossil created 17 different stickers that will instantly make any buy a little more personal. There's everything from hashtags and letters to robots and cartoon pizza. All of them are made of leather and range from $8 to $18. The higher priced options come in a set of three though, so they're all pretty darn affordable.

With the holidays coming up, this is the perfect way to make your gift a little more personalized. You can instantly monogram the item or add a quirky little character instead. The possibilities are pretty much endless.

The only downside is that these are permanent sticker. According to the site, once you stick them on they don't come off. So while all of them are totally fun and adorable, you'll want to make sure you think long and hard about where you want to stick them.

Curious Girl Sticker Set, $18,

The stickers are being sold in-store and online at Fossil sites. The site suggests checking the availability before driving all the way to the store to stock up though. You can check with your local store on the Fossil website.

Social Girl Sticker Set, $18,

As of now, all the stickers are still in stock on the Fossil website. I wouldn't wait too long to snag your favorites though. There's no telling how fast these will sell out with the holidays approaching.

Images: Fossil/Instagram (2), Fossil (2)