Chrissy & Luna Are In John Legend's New Music Vid

While it's been a long time since I last saw Making the Video, I would singlehandedly pay to revive it for one more episode. Why? Because Chrissy Teigen and baby Luna star in John Legend's new music video for "Love Me Now." Legend had the audacity to drop a teaser trailer for the video without warning for our poor, Legend-Teigen family loving hearts. And if the clip fans were shown is any sort of indication, our cup of cuteness is about runneth over. Also, I want to see just how little Luna took to filming. She seems like a real pro.

It probably goes without saying if you've been following all the Luna posts on Teigen and Legend's social media pages recently, but the camera loves her. It makes sense, I mean, her mom is already a bonafide music video star and a model and her dad is a natural, as well. Luna aside, the video amps up the romance factor between the new parents. Seriously, the couple's blatant adoration of each other in the video clip is giving me all of the feels. That said, Luna's gurgling, smiling presence inches her just past her parents as the best part of the this sure-to-be amazing video.

"Love Me Now" is not just centered on Legend, Teigen, and the baby, though. It's a heartwarming and tear-inducing montage of love, both romantic and familial, being displayed by a variety of people. The famous family just happens to be among that group. They also just happen to steal our hearts, too. Between Legend serenading Luna and Teigen, and them both showing the singer equal amounts of affection, I can only imagine what the full video entails. Though I should probably call my therapist first before watching it in its entirety.